Three New Sonic Rides Announced For Joypolis China

joypolis china

How many of you have heard of Joypolis? Joypolis has been somewhat of a must travel destination for many older Sonic and Sega fans, a huge indoor theme park full of Sonic and Sega related rides and attractions.

Well Sega have opened a new park, in China, and it has 3 new Sonic theme arcade games/rides.

The attractions are as follows.

Sonic Tropical Resort


A ride based on the level from Sonic Colours, you sit in small cars decorated with wisps and fly in the air. You’ve probably seen similar rides like this at various fairs and theme parks.

Sonic Star Race


Sonic star race is a ‘dodgems/Bumper Cars’ ride in which guests drive Sonic themed cars and dodge/bump into other guests.

And finally…

Sonic Adventure Jump


Sonic Adventure Jump appears to be some kind of movie/cinematic experience, however the rough translation gives a most curious description…

Customers through the eyes of LED large screen showing a 3D image, with the lift operation.
So that passengers can enjoy in real life you can not experience the thrill of the Mercedes-Benz.

This to me sounds like you sit in those chairs, wear 3D glasses and go on an adventure as if you are actually Sonic? The chairs move depending on Sonic’s movements? If you’ve been on the Shrek 4D ride or the Terminator 2 3D ride you might have some idea as to what to expect.

So there you go, now you can stop asking for a new Sonic Adventure game, there it is.

All of these attractions are at the moment exclusive to Joypolis China.

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  1. When I saw this, I thought it said 3 new Sonic Riders games were announced and I completely flipped out!

  2. Cool! It looks like fun.

    Now I just need to learn Chaos Control so I can go to Joyopolis and ride the rides…

  3. It’s cool to know Joypolis has opened in China.

    And just for your reference:

    Customers will act in accordance with the elevator’s movements through the large LED screen that displays 3D images in front of their eyes.
    It lets passengers enjoy the scampering pleasure which is unexperienceable in real life.

    1. Sorry, the Joypolis I meant has recently opened in Qingdao, China.

      Please delete these two comments if possible, but the translation is genuine. Thanks.

  4. It’s like a real life Twinkle Park Circuit! ­čśÇ I wanna go!

  5. Man these sound fun. If only everything fun in Japan made it’s way here in the states.

    1. Scratch that, *China, but considering how it’s a Joyopolis and most awesome things tend to be in Japan anyways, my point still stands.

  6. I think it’s a good thing Joyopolis is no where near where I live. I’d be constantly ripping off decorations and taking them home.

  7. I hear you get hyped while waiting in line for the rides and then walk away massively disappointed when it’s over. Just like a true Sonic experience!

    1. Wow! They really strive for a true Sonic the Hedgehog ride experience!

  8. i like the ride looks fun they should make a sonic ride and put it on the univeral studios in the future or maybe time knows anyway i wanted SEGA to make the best 25th anniversary next year and to be in all consoles and they did the same for sonic generations on 3DS and PCs why not they do the same for the 25th anniversary on Wii U PS4 & XB1 and also lets not forget they were gonna make a Wii U and PS4 and XB1 title but it fail because of the whole downsizing problem and also i hope SEGA realize and give the fans what they wanted just this once and i want them to created a decent sonic game in the future :/ and i know some fans hate the crappy sonic boom designs and levels for the same reasons.

    1. Why do you always talk in run on sentences?

      Why do you always bring up the 25th anniversary, even when the topic isn’t related to it?

      1. Well considering how is avatar is an endless runner, I’d say it’s appropriate.

    2. Sorry but I’m having a really hard time reading this because of the lack of punctuation yet again. Why don’t you listen to us when we ask you to use punctuation and explain why you should? It’s really not that hard. A few full stops (they look like this: . in case you don’t know) and commas (which look like this: ,) would go a long way…

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