Sonic Runners Hits 2 Million Downloads

Earlier this week, Sega announced that their free to play title Sonic Runners had hit the 2 million downloads figure.


To celebrate the news Sega are offering discounts to users who purchase red rings from the in-game store. However if you don’t fancy spending any money, Sega are holding a daily promotion. From now until August 3rd, if you log into Sonic Runners, Sega will reward you with 10 red star rings each day until the promotion ends.

Can they make it three million? Lets hope so! Then we might get more free stuff!


  1. Well I didn’t expect this game to reach such a sales figure so early. Personally I think the game is pretty good except for the fact that unlocking characters completely sucks ass and it can’t manage to keep a stable framerate at times when the game enters top speed.

  2. This is nice of them to do, but I think you can only get enough for like 1 spin on the premium roulette wheel if you log in everyday during the promotion. To all you future spinnes, I wish you good luck on getting the R.C battle ship cruiser

  3. There’s been an update to v.1.1.2t. It’s also under maintenance, so I can’t see what got updated. We’ll soon see…

      1. Yeah, that was really a bummer, I was expecting either Nights as a playable character or a full Nights themed event (including a new stage and companions) but they went for the cheaper of options.

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