Sonic Motocross iPhone Game Proposal Discovered

Sonic Motocross 2XL Games

The Sonic Stadium has today discovered a proposed Sonic game for iPhone on the resume and portfolio of illustrator Eric D Simmons. The game was being developed by 2XL Games and judging by the above artwork it was to be a motocross type of game set in familiar Sonic stages. A quick look on 2XL Games’ website shows that genre to be their speciality on mobile devices. No reason is given for this game not seeing release, but if we had to guess, it’s likely due to clashing with the mobile release of vehicle racer Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing and/or its sequel.

Would you have liked a motocross Sonic game or are you glad it was never released? Let us know in the comments.

Sources: Eric D Simmons’ resume, Eric D Simmons’ portfolio

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  1. Wait, is that Main Sonic, or Boom Sonic? He has the blue arms, but not the scarf…

    Either way, this would’ve been tremendously silly to see.

  2. Little hard to say whether I would have wanted to play it or not considering it’s one “proof-of-concept” illustration, but it’s an interesting idea nonetheless.

  3. I almost spewed half-chewed food all over my poor laptop on seeing this. To say it was unexpected would be an understatement. O_O

  4. Looks like Sonic is holding on for dear life… I don’t think he knows how to ride that thing. I bet THATS why this game didn’t see the light of day.
    (On a more serious note, I’m glad this didn’t really become a thing. Having Sonic drive a car is weird enough.)

    1. Plus, they gave Shadow the Hedgehog a motorcycle awhile back in his spinoff, and it turned out to be one of the worst things about that game. So there’s probably a major negative stigma associated with Sonic characters and motorcycles that prevents Sega from wanting to make a motocross-themed game.

  5. Well, apart from the fact that a lot of games like this you can already find on the internet. Granted, most of them are pretty bad with physics and graphics that rival Sonic 06 in sheer awfulness, but I suppose a professional take on it wouldn’t be too bad. You know, unlike the IOS ports of the All-Stars Racing games. God, those sucked.

      1. It’s… really weird. I can’t say it’d be bad, but I think cycling is best left for Shadow or the Olympics. Then again, I love games where Sonic rides a hoverboard or drives a car, so who am I to judge? XD

  6. Could be good, could be bad. Since we have no info besides this concept art, its hard to really say.

  7. I remember playing like 10 versions of this flash game back in Middle School…they were okay.

  8. I hope SEGA put sonic 25th anniversary on all home console like PC Wii U XB1 and PS4 I hope they show more info next year about it

    Sonic generations was on the PC and 3DS why not they do it again on the 25th anniversary like put it on Wii U PC XB1 and PS4 like all consoles.

    1. I don’t know about you but I would like a new Sonic game, not a re-release of his 20th aniversery game!

      1. Same here, I don’t get the fans obsessions with wanting remade or re-released older games all the time. What’s wrong with having something new? Would you all prefer it if Sonic was like Mario and it rarely changed things up? I know I wouldn’t…

  9. Yea, this game never would have worked out. And this is obviously not Boom Sonic.

    The art and landscape looks really good though.

  10. i can found tons of this crappy copycat games on the Google Play Store, so i not really care this game is gonna release or not.

  11. “Why am I on a motorcycle?” And thats why Sonic Motocross sucks!
    In all honesty though I like the idea of this, they could incorporate some really cool ideas/gimmicks here themed around the Sonic franchise.

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