Opinion Zone 11: Sonic Has New Glasses (the crap episode)


Did you know there was company that makes glasses has released Sonic branded ones? Neither did we. Because it’s super boring and dull.

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It’s almost as though we recorded this episode a week ago at the same time at episode 10 because we were on holiday this week.

ANYWAY,  Tom is confronted with his hateful language, we have a special guest on Defeat Donnie and ask Uncle Poxxy discusses whether we should stick our winkies in our flat mates plushies…. WE CAN’T ALWAYS HAVE A GOOD EPISODE DEAL WITH IT.

If you have a question for Uncle Poxxy or want to appear on Defeat Donnie (skype required), message us at thesonicshow (at) gmail.com or message us on Facebook.

WARNING: (Explicit Tag)


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