Mario & Sonic Rio 2016 also heading to… Arcades?


Yeah, didn’t expect that did you?

That’s what is reporting (translated by Perfectly Nintendo), the game in some form will indeed be heading to Arcades, the announcement was from Sega and while we don’t have any info at the moment about the game, next week Sega will hold what are called locatests (which are beta tests for Arcade machines) on July 17th-July 20th at Club SEGA Akihabara and SEGA World Kasai. No release date was given for the Arcade version, which right now is titled Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Arcade Edition, and no updates on the Wii U and 3DS version’s release date were provided either, which are due in 2016.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. So, Luigi’s Mansion, Tekken 7, Pokken Tournament, mainai, Pac-Man Battle Royale, and now this

    Awesome… ­čÖé

  2. Whaaaaat? Wow. I bet it’ll be like that one Sonic treadmill game, but holy crap. I mean, I hear SEGA is great in the arcade business, so this is good news.

  3. That’s actually pretty cool!

    Hope it gets a wider release though, this would make millions in Brasil alone, also I know is not releated but I hope they make a new Sonic fighting game for current-gen home consoles and make an Arcade Edition as well.

    1. I wanna talk about it, the music of the ruins stage is so good! Feels like a song taken out of Persona 4.

  4. Hm, didn’t expect that.

    Arcades, while certainly existent, aren’t really popular anymore in the US. So I probably won’t see it anywhere near where I live. Hard to be hyped for something inaccessible to me, but I hope the arcadegoers can find and enjoy it nonetheless.

  5. I’m actually curious if they’ll have the other playable characters that we don’t know about yet.

  6. Oh yeah I could describe is that is awesome Nintendo & Sega are releasing Mario & Sonic At The Rio 2016 Olympic Games arcade for the first time in Mario & Sonic Series! But yeah sadly Nintendo & Sega has no release date in the future for Nintendo Wii U & Nintendo 3DS.

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