Mario & Sonic Rio 2016 3DS box from Nintendo’s Swedish site shows amiibo support


Found at Nintendo’s Swedish website, we have the box art for the 3DS version and it seems to confirm that the game at least on 3DS will feature amiibo support (naturally the Wii U version will likely support amiibo as well). I think most expected this anyway. 😛 Major thanks to MoldyClay 64 on twitter for finding out about this in the first place!

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games will release on Wii U and 3DS sometime in 2016.

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    1. Amiibos? if you were in a Nintendo fan site you would have probably been crucified.

  1. I SWEAR.


    I-I just… I don’t know what I’m gonna do!

  2. This is actually my favorite of the Mario and Sonic boxarts because I just love the sheer competitiveness is shows between the two former console rivals.

    1. Agreement there. I love the expression, it really adds to the whole Mario vs. Sonic playful competitive manner of these games.

    2. Yeah, same! They finally did something interesting with the artwork instead of reusing existing model styles and posing them in familiar poses.

  3. Hope they release Blaze amiibo and other characters as well, just hope she would wear her coat outfit.

  4. I don’t like how it’s just a cropped version of the original artwork, I also find the character contrast to be odd. Mario vs Sonic makes sense, but why is it Luigi vs Knuckles, and Peach vs Tails? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have Peach vs Amy, or Wario vs Knuckles? Heck, we haven’t even had any confirmation if Amy would even be in this game, sadly…

    1. That’s something I noticed too. The way I see it, Mario vs. Sonic counterparts are…

      Mario – Sonic (Protagonists)
      Luigi – Tails (Sidekicks)
      Bowser – Eggman (Villains)
      Bowser Jr. – Metal Sonic (Right-Hand Villains)
      Peach – Amy (Love Interest)
      Daisy – Blaze (Tomboy Princesses)
      Wario – Shadow (Anti-Heroes)
      Yoshi – Knuckles (Third member of protagonist trio, but not always there)

      And the rest, I see no relation with… but if I had a guess by how the games are presented, it’d be:

      Waluigi – Silver (Unnatural Rivals, and Silver pairs quite well with Shadow in these games)
      Donkey Kong – Vector (Kong vs. Kremling)

  5. Please. It’s only gonna be Mii Outfits that are unlockable by means of amiibo, just like Mario Kart 8. We’d see Mii Outfits based on Sonic, Mario, Luigi, Link, Yoshi, Fox McCloud, and a few others. Maybe even a Shulk Mii outfit.

  6. Sonic amiibo are TOTALLY possible! I wouldn’t be surprised in the least.

    Mario + Sonic + amiibo = $$$$

  7. Not bad, I always thought the same thing in a way, except I think Knuckles and Wario are a better match, since they’re muscular rivals of the main heroes. Along with Shadow and Waluigi for being the dark and shady looking rivals, Yoshi and Vector for being reptilian allies, and Silver and DK for Brain vs Brawn.

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