E-123 Omega Added to Sonic Runners



E-123 Omega has just been added to Sonic Runners as a new playable character. Falling under the ‘power’ character umbrella, Omega is only available via the Premium Roulette and is also only available for a limited time: From today (July 3rd) until 8:59 AM UTC on the 31st of July.

Have you been lucky enough to swipe Omega in the Premium Roulette? Let us know what you think and how he plays!

Big props to HunterSquibb on Twitter for letting us know!

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  1. Is classic still available? The game just became available for my phone yesterday so….

      1. But only till the end of the week or so. I swear they better have an alternate means of obtaining him after time runs out, because it’s ridiculous how lucky you’d have to be in order to get him in the roulette. A 6% chance!? SERIOUSLY!? And how much am I willing to bet that the second I land on the character egg it turns out to be Omega, on the very last day that Classic Sonic is around? Also, I miss the Birthday Zone. Still, at least we’re getting more characters now.

        1. Huh. I suppose I was lucky then, I thought he was a guaranteed fetch due to the limitation. 3 spin of premium roulette landed me the little speedster from the past. Just keep betting! You’ll get ‘im!

  2. Wait, seriously? I have a TIME LIMIT to get my favorite Sonic character? This blows. Mainly because I only have a 6% chance to get him, I missed Classic Sonic entirely, and Red Star Rings are ridiculously scarce unless you pay up.

    I’m beginning to not like Sonic Runners much because it feels MUCH more “pay-to-progress” than Sonic Jump Fever and Sonic Dash. I can’t even get my favorite character unless a miracle happens. Not that it matters anyway because Power characters don’t really work that well.

    1. No, Classic Sonic is still available on the roulette, but only for a week and he’s still at a 6% chance.

  3. Well I barely managed to get Classic Sonic yesterday so let’s see if I can get Omega now. Time to grind for red rings! Thank god I got the Battle cruiser buddy that increases red ring drop percentage by 175%

  4. Good thing I’ve got Omega in the first spin!
    Still, I can’t get my Classic Sonic yet….

  5. Good news is that I got Omega, but the bad news is that I spent all of my Red Star Rings to get him. I got only 28 Red Rings now. ๐Ÿ™

  6. Well, I finally got OMEGA, but at the cost of depleting all of my Red Rings. ๐Ÿ™

    Now I wonder if I should do the Roulette again ?

  7. “chances of getting omega 6%” HEY, at least they added in a buddy that increased the “spawn rate” of red star rings in EE’s (eggman encounter) so at least they are TRYING to “balance” things!

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