Crush 40 to play Youmacon 2015 in Detroit

C40COKEThe juggernauts of Sonic the Hedgehog soundtracks, Crush 40, are set to play the Youmacon convention in Detroit later this year. Crush 40 have recently played at the JOYPOLIS theme park in Tokyo to promote the launch of their latest album 2 Nights 2 Remember, but have not played any shows outside of Japan since 2013.

Youmacon is a celebration of Japanese pop culture, including video games, anime and music, running across three days from Friday 29th of October until Sunday 1st of November. There is currently no information as to which day Crush 40 will be performing as of publication of this article, however we will keep you up to date as more details come to light.

Details on tickets and registration for Youmacon can be found here:

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  1. I’d like to politely point out that the 29th-1st actually runs 4 days, so I think something is wrong with those dates. :p

  2. Hi guys, just to let you know your article says the event is in Detroit, Illinois but that is a typo. It is actually in Detroit, Michigan. 🙂

  3. Again, off-topic but what the heck is going on with the main official news page? There’s even less articles now and it’s horrible to find the most recent comic article now, I don’t even know where to look…

    On-topic: Aw… I really wish the UK had more events like this… This is why I never go out for fun, we have no events that interest me like this and the few we have are in places like London and Weston Super Mare which I can’t get to… 🙁

  4. One of my favorite bands. When are they going to make a new song for Sonic games? Are they done with that?

  5. Oh man I can’t wait to hear them again live. YEAAHH CRUSH 40 . I wish I could be there too

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