Check Out the Archie Sonic/Mega Man Panel from Comic Con 2015


Check out our coverage of the Archie action panel from San Diego Comic Con. Check out some new art, new info on World’s Unite, the fate of Sonic Boom, the new Silver arc and much, much more! Professionals chatting include Bill Freiberger (Sonic Boom), regular Sonic artist and writer of “The Silver Age” Evan Stanley, Marketing Man Alex Segura, New Archie Action editor Vincent Lovallo and Archie President Mike Pellerito. Headphones recommended as their voices echo in the room.

Credit for video goes to Alex Peal AKA Nuckles87.  He’ll have a video interview with Vincent Lovallo up on Segabits very soon with even more new stuff.



  1. Thanks for recording that!

    Not much new info, aside from the return of Naugus…with a fancy new wizard hat.

  2. *Looks at article preview pic* Oh just great I thought Tails Doll was bad enough now they went as far as creating Sonic Doll…

    1. I think they’re concepts for those Sonic robots that were used for the multiplayer mode in Sonic Colours, actually.

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