Sticks jumps into the modern Sonic world in Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Sticks in Rio 2016

Thanks to the eagle eyes of Katie Britt on twitter and SuperSonic772 in our comments section, it has been found in a new trailer for the game (seen at the 0:48 mark) that Sticks is now welcomed into the modern world, now would this be “canon” as they’re technically in the real world(?) olympics is up for debate. 😛 But this marks her debut outside the Boom spin-off series! it’s not official if she is indeed playable or not, we’ll do a follow-up when we find out. HUGE thanks to both Katie Britt and SuperSonic772 for the find!

See the trailer below (it’s mostly just recycled footage from the debut trailer, with the bit with Sticks and a boxing match between Mario and Bowser at the end) below:


Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games will release on Wii U and 3DS sometime in 2016.

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  1. Literally nothing was special about that trailer except for this little.. not so obvious snippet. Still, holy shit, what? Sticks?! How is she here? And.. gosh, is she playable?

      1. I mean, if it’s going to run alongside Modern Sonic like they say, I can imagine why, but holy shit.. Sticks is literally invading Modern Sonic. XD Not sure how I feel on that.

          1. I wouldn’t say so. Mario & Yoshi have always originated from the same universe… I mean heck, Mario’s first adventure was with Yoshi in a game made as a prequel to the entire franchise. Donkey Kong and Wario also share the same universe, even though they, like Yoshi, have become their own things. However, with Sticks, she’s always been part of the Sonic Boom universe, which is supposed to be truly separate from the Modern Sonic universe. I’m cool with her being here, I truly am, but I’m wondering why and how.

          2. Obviously, this is indeed a spin-off where Mario & Sonic go to the real world to earn gold medals, so canon’s kind of out the door here (with Mario, it’s usually that way), but I am indeed interested in this concept and if it means they plan to integrate Sticks in the main universe.

          3. That would be interesting to see if Sticks will get integrated. I doubt it immensely but the prospect intrigues me quite a bit.

  2. Somehow I don’t feel all that surprised after seeing her in the Worlds Unite crossover comics previews, hope she is the only thing that came from Boom though.

  3. Is amy Rose still going to be a playable character because she had been in the past games so I figured she probably is but with the new characters I’m not shure

    1. I was thinking the same about Blaze, but I don’t think that will be the case, especially talking about Amy and Blaze since there are very few female characters.

  4. Apparently Sticks is arbiter of the multiverse now. Expect a Smash Bros. trophy to come soon.

  5. Oh yeah Sticks is in Mario & Sonic At the Ryo 2016 Olympic Games for the first time in Mario & Sonic series games today!

  6. Sonic fans should really chill on the whole “canon” thing and take every entry for what it is.

  7. “Okay, nothing seems to be working, so let’s try to popularize this franchise by putting Sticks in an Olympics game!”
    “BRILLIANT! Next, we should put her in a mainstream game!”
    “Dude, our show is gonna take off like a bitch…”

    1. On the other hand, I’m guessing Rosalina will be added to compensate for the extra Sonic character. That’ll be cool.

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