Sonic & Tails wish Sonic a happy birthday, guest starring Ryan Drummond!


A person with the name of FlutterTreeMuffin on YouTube teamed up with Ryan himself to bring you the above video featuring Sonic and Tails. It’s a really sweet gesture and a wonderful treat to hear Ryan behind the mic as Sonic even if it’s unofficially again after so long (he did play as Sonic on camera in an interview not that long ago).

For reference, Ryan voiced Sonic starting from Sonic Adventure on DC in 1999, and ending with Sonic Advance 3 on GBA in 2004.

Thanks Flutter and Ryan for the video! ­čÖé

What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. That was super sweet… Dear golly.

    I’m sad a Dreamcast Sonic wasn’t in Sonic Generations… Ryan seems to have such passion for voicing the character.

  2. Tears…… I miss Ryan soooooooooo much. No offense to Jason or Roger as I like their takes on Sonic, but Ryan will always be the TRUE Sonic in my eyes. His tone and voice give Sonic that cool edge while also sounding like a teenager. I also love the way he makes Sonic sound calm and serious at the more serious moments. Stay cool, Ryan, and I wish the best of luck to you.
    Sidenote: I never knew his voice was that low. Makes me even more impressed on how he can sound so young. Power to ya, Ryan!

  3. I thought his last game was Heroes, not Advance 3… Huh, I learned something today.

    I do miss Ryan though. He hasn’t skipped a beat after all these years.

  4. ugh i cant stand ryan drummond, his such a sook! wah sega dont want me, wah sega want me but i cant accept due to legal issues now i hate sega.
    im sorry but he is so monotoned. his sonic voice was terrible and had no emotion.
    thats my 2 cents.

  5. Wow he sounds SO DIFFERENT nowadays. Well I guess time does that to ya. Still it’s a great gesture on his part. I hope I get to see Jason do something like this some day, I sure do miss him. Though if memory serves he sounds a bit different too. Really what I would love would be to get everyone who had ever voiced Sonic at one point in their careers in one sound room and just have them do some kind of funny Sonic sketch. That would probably be impossible, but a guy can dream. Still, although Ryan isn’t my top favorite Sonic voice (aaaaaaaand I see the pitchforks and torches being prepared…), he’s still a very talented actor and important part of the character and it’s really great to see him eager to participate in the fan community like this. Now all I have to do is hear Mike Pollock do something for Eggman’s birthday and I’d be content for the year. X)”

  6. I got to say the girl who played tails should play tails all the time. As for sonic that really takes me back, hearing him talk like that again. But I got to say I prefer Smith, as he truly makes sonic sound like one cocky SOB. Now if you will excuse me Sonic Runners is waiting for me. ??

    1. I’d like to respectfully disagree about Tails. He always sounded like a… well… girl back then, not a young boy. I think young boys like Tails should always be voiced by young boys or men who can make their voices sound really young without overdoing it. Of course, there are some exceptions, especially in cartoons but women voicing young boys always sound like girls instead of boys.

  7. I’m not quite sure why Ryan’s so popular, I always found his Sonic monotone, emotionless, annoying sounding (nails on a chalkboard, anyone?) and when he did attempt a bit more emotion, it always sounded incredibly forced, like something from a preschool show… Give me Roger or Jaleel White any day! Jaleel got his attitude perfect, in a cliche, slightly cheesy ’90s way (that was the writing though)!

    But these are all, of course, opinions so I won’t damn anyone for liking Ryan, you’re just as entitled to as I am to like these other guys.

  8. “You have a beautiful voice, Emi- I mean, Tails!”
    Goddamnit, Ryan, you had to make a hilarious mistake.

    Still, this is wonderful! Ryan still has the inner Sonic in him!

  9. I can’t say that Ryan was my favorite voice actor for Sonic but he does come a close second, it’s nice to see his appreciation for the character as well and how his voice has aged. Sonic Heroes was my first sonic game so this is very cool to hear. Sonic I wish you a very happy birthday. You may not be able to hear me, you may be fictional, but the stories you’ve told me for 11 years have given me new strength every passing year. You’ve gotten me through thick and thin and are the reason I was able to choose what I would do when I left school (games design, college course). I wish you many more and the continued success of your creators, despite what everyone else says thank you sonic team for deviating from the norm and going beyond the boundaries. Keep rolling around at the speed of sound you guys.

  10. daily lurker, never commented. but i had to say, that was pretty great. can’t say i’ve ever felt emotional when it comes to the blue blur, but the older i get and realize that these characters have been with me 24 of my 26 years… ya get a little tug on your heart when you hear something like this. thanks for sharing, guys.

  11. Had no idea his normal voice was so deep, no wonder he was able to do Knuckles in Sonic shuffle XD

    Still his Sonic voice and performance is still there, I think he should return as Sonic for the 25th anniversary with Sonic adventure 3. cause all honesty having adventure 3 voiced with the new people would slightly ruin it.

    Its playing like 1,2 and then 3 in order but 3 has a completely different tone and voice cast. wouldnt feel right.

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