Sonic Skin Confirmed for Yoshi’s Woolly World on Wii U

Yep! As speculated from Sonic’s amiibo being supported in the game, as seen above, it is so, Yoshi will get to be blue but not so spiky!

Sonic Yoshi

The image came from a video by ODDERZ Plays showcasing most of the amiibo skins for Yoshi, including the Inkling Squid which just came out of course for Splatoon (only that one was shown, since its the only of the three he has, so I assume the Inkling Boy and Girl ones work also), I would assume Chibi-Robo will also be included who is only available I believe in a bundle with Chibo-Robo: Zip Lash on 3DS. Bad news is, no Pokemon will give you their skins, they’ll give you unrelated patterns, but no Pikachu Yoshi for you sadly. 🙁

Check out the vid below, the amiibo line-up starts at 4:07 and Sonic Yoshi shows up at 5:35:

Pic was taken by GoNintendo.


  1. Why “Sonic the Hedgehog Yoshi”? Why not “Sonic the Yoshi”? Doesn’t that just seem so much more fitting? xD

  2. Wait… they gave him GREEN eyes instead of the classic black eyes??? RUINED FOREVER YOU GUIZE!!! But seriously, it looks adorable! :3

  3. Oh my gosh…! This is awesome! I was hoping Yoshi would get clothing or.. little knitted spikes, but it still looks adorable and great. I love Mega Man Yoshi. 🙂

  4. I’m really looking forward to this game! Haven’t played a new Yoshi game in years!

  5. He reminds me of the Tails, Amy and Knuckles chao from the Adventure games!

    Also, the no Pokemon thing is stupid… Charizard and Greninja Yoshis would’ve been perfect and awesome! Who doesn’t want a dragon-like or ninja-like Yoshi?!

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