Sonic Runners PuyoPuyo Quest Details Revealed

Sonic Runners has been running for a few months now and in the coming days a new event will be held. Sonic Runners & Puyo Puyo Quest will be combining to produce a special event for Sonic Runners players.

Amitie-Style amy2


The event will work in the same manner as the Easter Egg event which was held a few months ago, only this time players will be collecting special coins, some coins are worth 1 points, others are worth 10.

As you collect coins, you unlock prizes and rewards which can be used in Sonic Runners.


As well as bringing new companions (now known as buddies) into the game, there will be a chance to grab Amitie-Style Amy Rose, her special abilities are that she increases animals captured by 150%.

However, as with previous events, this will be a limited time deal, once the event is over, the character and the buddies are gone for good.

Event starts on June 10th and ends on June 17th. You can pre-register for the event here and receive a free Suketoudara buddy.

For more information check out the website.

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  1. “she increases animals captured by 150%.” Damn Amy and using her Chaos warp abilities to warp animals to wherever the fricking frick she keeps her hammer!

  2. I don’t really know much about Puyopuyo, but Amy looks pretty cute in that outfit. :3

  3. makes me even more sad that the game isnt released in the UK, i love puyo puyo :C
    That outfit is cute on Amy.

    1. It’s not in the States either. 🙁
      I agree that the outfit is cute on Amy. I can never hope to get it though.

  4. Amy actually looks funny and cute.

    Makes me wish every character gets an alternate costume, I’m almost sure Sonic’s would be his usual red PSO suit (Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Rivals).

  5. It’s too cute… I can’t help it! Wait… I actually can help it since the game isn’t released here in America yet soooooo… maybe next time? 🙁

  6. Cute, but how about less focus on these themed events and more focus on releasing this game to rest of the public?

  7. Sonic and Puyo Puyo, together again.

    *runs off to play Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine*

  8. YOOO, NInja Turtle, that is Ka-waaiii! Hopefully there will be DLC like this in a Sonic console game.

  9. The outfit is too cute, it almost like Amy is naked. •~• I’m sorry that I said it, sorry

  10. I’m trying to work out what she’s actually wearing for a shirt, is it open at the sides or is it just pink?

    1. I first saw it as her fur due to the color being identical, and now I can’t unsee her having a fat neck instead of a hood.

  11. My boyfriend and I both play Runners religiously, even though we both live in the States. You have to make a Canadian iTunes account in order to download it.

    Does anyone know of a translation for the pre-registration page? My Japanese skills are at a pre-school level.

  12. I got suketoudara and redeemed him buy don’t see him in my buddies this is a big problem I need help with, thank you.

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