Sonic Runners Now Available Worldwide


Sonic Runners, the mobile exclusive endless running game developed by Sonic Team, has finally been released worldwide following a soft launch period. This comes following game update 1.1.0. The game became temporarily available to users on June 24th before its official launch which provided some updates to the title.

The game challenges players to run as far as they can against randomly generated level obstacles on a 2D plane in three different zones. Collect rings, score gems, and use items while you run to help give you that extra edge. Aim for the highest score so you can keep climbing up the Runner’s League and get promoted!


The game currently sports three main characters: Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, with several more on the way. They can team up with up to two “buddy” characters a run, which features familiar faces such as Chip and Caliburn, each with their unique abilities. Wisps also return here, providing abilities in stages to help you score massive bonuses.

Players can participate in daily roulette spins for free items, or tackle the premium roulette wheel using 50 Red Rings to gain new buddy characters, or unlock special characters during unique events.

The team behind Sonic Runners had been celebrating the worldwide release by giving away Red Rings, revive tokens, and more to existing players. Starting June 26th, a special event will begin which will allow players to have chance in unlocking Classic Sonic and some Mega Drive themed buddies. There will also be an event stage available where players collect cake in a celebration themed Windy Hill Zone.

For existing players, here’s what changes have come from the 1.1.0 release:

・Worldwide Release
You can now compete with users all over the world in a multitude of languages.

・UI Updates
Interface was redesigned

・Data Transfer
Players can now transfer data to a new device.

・Score Display Adjustments
Scores will be displayed, including bonuses, in real time.

Item button added so players can activate item effects.

Players can now continue twice. When continuing players get 1000 Rings and a Combo Bonus, Springs, Shield, Magnet, and 1 randomly selected Color Power activated.

・Experience System
Earn experience in accordance with your score and level up your characters!

・Free Items
Equippable Items and Boost Items will be free to use once everyday.

・Ranking Animations
Animation will show you when you move up in the ranks.

Useful tips will be displayed during load times.

■Others, Bug Fixes
・iOS 7.1.2 no longer supported. After updating, players using iOS 7.1.2 will no longer be able to play the game.
Make sure to update your OS to the most recent version.
・Minor Bug fixes

Sonic Runners was originally made available to Canadian and Japanese users back in February as a soft launch before its worldwide release. The game is free to download and available on the App Store and Google Play, featuring in-app purchases for game currency. You can read our initial impressions when the game first launched here.

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  1. Somewhat of a late birthday release, but couldn’t have come sooner. Now I just need a device to play it with.

    1. Because you know when the new apps come out every Thursday but it comes out later today like at 1:00 pm or 2:00 pm

    2. You gotta look it up in all apps. Its new so it doesnt come up as the first option

  2. Crap optimization for iPhone 4s, loads of freezes and crashes on it.


  3. Beta to Official. I can honestly say it’s a downgrade from the images I’ve seen but drains and pushes the phone more than its needed Battery/CPU which is no doubt all the excessive “Ad’s” thrown into the game which ruins the experience and not necessary at all.
    There’s soo many things I truly dislike how they went about this official changes I just…IDK, I’d only go on a rampaging tangent about it all. :/

  4. As much as I love Sonic Runners, the worldwide launch bombed and fell flat on it’s face.
    I was looking forward to this day, but someone on the job forgot to check the bugs, and ther are a lot of bugs. And the ADS! AAAAAAH!

    1. Its not that bad take it from someone in the us that got the before it was released worldwide i mean i understand the ad part but i dont see alot of bugs in the game it works fine to me

  5. So I downloaded it because it was free and I got a lot of fun out of Sonic Dash without spending money. First off downloading from ITunes then you have to wait for a large install. Seriously. Secondly the tutorial is annoying. I’ve played enough free runner games to know to tap the screen to jump. It’s amusing they gave this little mobile game a “story” though it’s not any more complex than Sonic Jump’s story of Eggman kidnapping animals. Once the game actually gets going, its’ fun and the music is good. I just hope I’m able to unlock other characters the same way with Sonic Dash aka not spending my own money.

      1. I can;t download it. It says (not compatible with your” tablet on the store.

  6. I downloaded it and I cannot play it at all, from the iTunes store to an iPad and it crashes constantly. Bugs need to be fixed, could be just a one off problem, but crashes every time with me.

  7. Not showing up at all on uk google store. Got a link via the runners website and it said my gakaxy s5 is not compatable!

  8. I downloaded it last night. It works fine on my Android Tablet,but my main problem is that I have to stay connected to the internet to play this game. So, I can’t play it much.

  9. First Arkham Knight PC has launch issues, now Sonic Runners. When I try to play it on my phone it just crashes. Hope they fix it ASAP.

  10. Cant play it. No internet. Great game…yeah….great…. games you cant play are great…just great…yeah…! -.-

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