Sonic Runners Merchandise Coming to Joypolis

sonic runners merchWell Sega must be pretty happy with how Sonic Runners is doing if this pic is to be believed. Later this month, Joypolis will be hosting a Sonic themed birthday party for Sonic’s 24th birthday, in a post on the Sega’s Joypolis website, there are what appear to be new Sonic Runners themed merchandise.

To launch at the event & to be given away as gifts to attendees, there will be new Sonic Runners themed ‘clear files’ (folders), and a Sonic Runners drinking flask.

Odds are these will never be seen outside of Joypolis, however, the fact they have been commissioned says that Sega definitely view Sonic Runners as being a success even though it’s still in a Soft Launch testing window period.

Source: Joypolis

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  1. well sonic is not 24 yet but in 2 weeks he will and also Sonic runners is doing well but i don’t undrestand, is SEGA really gonna pull off Sonic Boom fire and ice?

  2. With how successful the game is doing, you’d think they’d want to spread that success to the rest of the world already…

  3. Blah blah obligatory request to bring Runners to the US.

    I like that portable coffee cup though.

  4. I’d say this is a sign that places outside of Canada and Japan will be getting it really soon, if they say it is doing very well and said regions.

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