Sonic Runners getting worldwide release on June 25

Sonic Runners, Sonic Team’s first mobile Sonic game, will finally be debuting worldwide on June 25. Just in time for Sonic’s 24th birthday!

This was revealed minutes ago on the official Sonic Runners twitter account. The tweet promises more details in the coming days. Sonic fans have been waiting for a worldwide release of the game since its limited release in Canada and Japan back in February.

Sonic Runners, as the name suggests, is a free-to-play endless running game, where the player tries to get as far as possible before dying. The game will be launching on both iOS and Android.

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  1. Whoo-Hoo! Finally, everyone can enjoy this game without going through ridiculous hoops.

  2. Rad! Finally something to wash out the horrible taste of Sonic Boom that’s been swishing around in my mouth constantly! And thee release date… pretty clever. Honestly, I have high hopes with some of the things Sega has been doing with Sonic after the initial Boom games. It’s been subtle, but this release date on Sonic’s birthday is actually pretty clever. And the person running the official Sonic American Twitter seems REALLY tied to the fanbase- something we haven’t seen Sega do, aside from Sonic Generations and maybe a nod here or there. And this recent Sonic Boom game announcement was disappointing at first glance until you notice that they are taking the fan outcry into account (or so they’ve said). Not to mention that the mainstream “modern” Sonic games have been… silent since Lost World aside from these free-to-play games (which have been pretty cool in my opinion, but still not enough to satisfy my Modern Sonic needs). Next year is the 25th anniversary and their quietness gives me the impression that they may ACTUALLY be taking fan input into account to give us a real whopper of a game come next year. I know we always get our hopes up as a fanbase only to be let down and laughed at by the rest of the gaming industry, but I actually have high hopes if Sega continues their path. Can’t wait to finally have Sonic Runners!

    1. Yeah, I’m with you. I’m cautiously optimistic about Sonic’s future- I don’t expect him to to start a revolution in the platformer genre like the classic titles, or turn the tables on his reputation with a single game like Colors did. But I don’t foresee doom and gloom either for ol’ blue, and I definitely think that the next Sonic games will be better than the ones we got 2013-2014.

      Come on 2016!

  3. So looking forward to this in the UK. Not only is it finally a change from Sonic Dash (which I’ve been playing for years), but it actually looks really fun.

    1. Never! I think they just said that because Sonic’s birthday is the 23rd, so they’re close together.

  4. Yes! At long last! I’m still confused as to why it took so long, but this makes me very happy. I hope we can soon get all the characters too. I don’t want to wait a million years to play as Omega.

  5. Fallout Shelter, and now Sonic Runners?
    Woo, the App Store is gettin’ some gold in their catalog this month.

  6. Oh snap Sega that’s awesome you had to release Sonic Runners worldwide of online for Sonic’s 24th birthday for Japan & Canada only for Sonic Fans!

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