Sonic Boom Themed Monopoly, Top Trumps & Other More Coming Soon

sonic monopoly

In the newest issue of Toy World Magazine, there is a small section on Sega Europe in which they detail plans for Sonic Boom themed products which will be released in the UK and IRE later this year. Aside from confirming Sonic Boom the TV show and the toyline from Tomy, they also detail a number of previously unannounced products.

The products detailed are as follows.

  • Sonic Boom Themed Monopoly Game
  • Sonic Boom Themed Top Trumps
  • Adult & Child clothing line from TVM
  • Sonic Boom branded headphones & speakers.

There’s no firm release date for these products, other than autumn, however the TVM clothing line could be coming to Tesco stores as early as Summer 2015.

Source: ToyWorld Mag


    1. Buy exciting locations such as Sticks house, Sonic’s house, that burger place and Sticks’ house!

      1. Hey, c’mon, we got the Gogoba Village too! Everybody wants to have business connections with those guys!

        1. its okay if you dont give them money… they’ll just starve.. slowly – and it will be because they werent given money … which you could have done, but didnt. its okay though.

          1. I mean, one of their kids got sick… but I’m sure he’ll just heal himself… he could see a doctor and get medicine with money… but its ok, you with your good health clearly need the money more than he does…

  1. This is a weird news day for Boom. First comic is cancelled giving indication that the whole Boom series is going to be dropped then announce a bunch of produces for Boom… who the hell is in charge of this?

    1. Well it’s no surprise that Sega is very poorly managed, the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing, one department could be pushing for Sonic Boom toilet paper 5 months from now not knowing that the whole endeavor was shitcanned.

    2. Sadly, “corporate weirdness” has become a running theme for Boom. Probably because Sega doesn’t seem to want to manage it properly.

      1. Which is a massive shame because after Colors and Generations it felt like they had finally figured out how to handle the franchise. It’s like they’re afraid of being successful, it seems they’d rather follow trends and focus groups. This is similar to what happened post SA2 but Sega was in much better shape then, there would never be a worry about games like PSO2 and Yakuza Zero not getting a western release.

        1. Looking back on it, Colors and Gens. got mismanaged quite a bit as well. Colors was Nintendo exclusive when going omniplat would have earned more money, and Gens was incredibly rushed leading to a lot of cut content. Both games were given tight budgets by Sonic standards. There was definitely some foreshadowing for Rise of Lyric’s disaster– its just that Sonic Team can handle the tight schedules and executive meddling better than Big Red Button, and so produced better games.

          Its sort of sad when the most successful aspects of Boom (TV show, toys) are the ones where Sega is least involved.

          1. Colors was only Nintendo exclusive because SEGA realized they where getting more sales through Ninty than any other console. Plus going multiplat doesn’t guarantee as much money will come back to cover the COSTS of going multiplat. Often times, the game is optimized to work on one or two systems and then the budget gets stretched to port them to a non native system. Most companies that can go multiplat are either AAA studio with the cash to do so or companies who already developed the game on a universal system that certain consoles can take advantage of.

          2. True, you have a point. Now that I think of it, Colors not going omniplat was more not recognizing its potential than a failure to manage correctly. I doubt Sega was anticipating much for the game– for them it was likely just a cheap little game that appealed to kids. So obviously they wouldn’t spend anything extra on it.

            Of course, that kinda backfired because Sonic Team really worked its butt off to make that supposedly little cheap kids game, striving to improve the style established in Unleashed’s Day stages. So adult fans actually ended up enjoying the game, and Sega missed out on another couple million that could have been made from porting to other consoles.

  2. SWEET! I have the Modern Sonic Monopoly, so having Sonic Boom Monopoly would be perfect.

  3. Well looks like there is another Sonic themed Monopoly to buy. Still have to buy the other one.

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