Sonic Boom Comic Confirmed to Be Ending

So hot off the press, it’s on fire.

We reported earlier that a solicit suggested that Sonic Boom #11 would mark the last issue of the comic line. Archie have now officially confirmed this news through their twitter. This isn’t the end of their adventures though; like Mega Man X in the Mega Man comic, the stories and characters will continue being seen through the other books. See below for the full statement;

The SONIC BOOM comic series will end after #WorldsUnite with #11. Fear not – the stories and characters will continue in our other books.

So, how have you found the exploits of the Boom cast in the comic? What’s your stance on this sudden news? We’ll still be covering the previews up to the last issue, so this isn’t goodbye just yet for us!

Source: Archie Comic’s Twitter

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  1. That’s a shame, I really did enjoy the comic. I just curious how this is now going to work, is there going to be some BOOM arcs in Sonic Universe or what? I’m just hoping that they don’t fully get rid of BOOM because the shows and comics are pretty great and I would hate to see it go.

    1. I asked Archie on Tiwtter, expect an email telling you how to transfer your subscription to another Archie book.

  2. Ha Ha!

    Seriously though, this isn’t surprising. Sonic boom has been one great big failure. Even the show which only pulls in “Sonic Fans” and is being stretched thin. Who are you gonna believe, me or Stephen Frost.

    1. Neither.

      I do my own research, and looking at the rating figures for Boom, it’s actually doing pretty well. Furthermore, given the number of recent announcements from new license partners today, it shows that retailers outside of the USA have confidence in the brand too.

  3. Why doesn’t it just dissapear? I don’t want the other Sonic comics infested with Boom and it already has a cartoon.

    Well, at least I hope it isn’t too intrusive, perhaps they will be just short 4-5 pages stories, or perhaps they will have an arc once in a while in Sonic Universe though the words “arc” and Sonic Boom doesn’t resonate too well.

  4. Well, that’s very sad. I’m not much of a comics gal but they seemed to have gathered a small following. Its a shame the sales plummeted, as it would seem that the comics were the only aspect of Boom to not get mismanaged somehow. I guess there was very little marketing, though.

  5. So, even though the Sonic Boom series is ending, we are still going to see the Boom cast. Hm, maybe they’ll move to the Prime Zone.

  6. I’m not happy with this; they’ll just take up space in the mainstream or Universe books. They probably pulled it due to poor sales, so no one’s interested; Keep that filth out of my main book. >:(

  7. Well that’s too bad, those comics were probably the best part of the Boom series. Still, hopefully they’ll continue on in books like Sonic Universe, they’re pretty good. :/

  8. pff..such a sad new after all .. though if they say they will comeback..
    i just hope SEGA someday let them do something about an adaptation of Rise of Lyric.. it would be interesting..

  9. The title scared me for a minute…I thought the show itself was confirmed end.

    Alas, I did like the comics, but like the Sonic X comics, they had to come to an end.

  10. Hahahaha…Johnny must be over the moon right now.

    This is sad, but predictable. The whole point of World’s Collide was to help advertise Boom’s comic but if you see the advertising for the event, Sticks is the sole representative and isn’t getting much spotlight, compared to X. It could also be because Flynn couldn’t handle doing 4 comics at the same time (again) and the schedules of the writers of the show couldn’t mesh with doing a monthly comic. Finally, Like every failure from this spin-off franchise, the comic came a bit before the cartoon could even get it’s first title screen, misjudging the amount of success this show has in order to sustain a monthly readership. Maybe if they where allowed to expand the lore of the source material, making use of all of those unused characters that BRB spent so much time on creating but ultimately wasted on the game.

    I don’t know what numbers Hogfather keeps pointing out, but when the parent company who makes video games failed to capitalize on the show and the publisher who makes comics based on the video games failed to capitalize on the show, then I don’t care what sort of Nelsen ratings this thing gets or what sort of happy meal deal SEGA has – those are definite red flags. I give the show another 2 years, and that’s me being optimistic.

    1. At risk of getting yelled at for doing Hogfathers job, please don’t talk about other readers like that, it’s what causes dramas and the like. (Maybe I should get a job here? :p)

  11. This isn’t anything new to the mods or any Bumbleking users most likely, but Ian has said this on the matter.

    The sales for boom were fine and Sega is not to blame for this.

    He said it in a much better way though.

  12. Yes, now that shitty cartoon needs to be canned too and we can all move on from this train wreck once and for all.

  13. so, does that mean I should cancel my Sonic Boom doujinshi episode where Team Sonic discovers more info on Bygone Island’s secrets?

  14. …and Bernard, don’t call it a train wreck! A little experimentation is good for the Blue blur!

  15. This is bad news to me and my son. We both loved the sonic boom issues. The jokes about people getting logos, even tripping over them. The preface. All the humour. This was one comic that didn’t take itself too seriously…like megaman does. Never got that email about the subscription…probably because it was a xmas gift. boo.

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