Rouge Voice Actor Karen Strassman Lists ‘Sonic II’ on Resume

Karen Strassman Sonic II

UPDATE 2: Thanks to the Wayback Machine we can see there were no Sonic listings on Strassman’s resume on March 14th 2012, but there are in the next capture on September 5th 2012, including ‘Sonic II’.

UPDATE: We have since found an old copy of Strassman’s resume from 22nd January 2012 that still lists ‘Sonic II’. Either work had already started on the new game back then, it’s a cancelled project or this is an error.

Original story: The Sonic Stadium has today spotted a listing for a video game titled ‘Sonic II’ on the resume of current English Rouge the Bat voice actor Karen Strassman’s resume. A Google search shows Strassman’s resume was last updated 20th May 2014 and the game is listed after Sonic Free Riders and Sonic Generations, her last roles as Rouge, so it’s likely this is an upcoming unannounced game.

The title is strange, considering we had Sonic the Hedgehog 2 back in the 90s, but then again, we did have a new Sonic the Hedgehog in 2006. However, with such negative feedback, we don’t think SEGA would create a sequel to that game, especially if it performed as poorly. There’s also the possibility this could be a remake of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, but SEGA kind of did that on mobile devices not too long ago with the help of Taxman and Stealth.

We recently reported about another unknown title with a 2 in its name ‘Sonic Mach 2’, which we spotted on German Orbot voice actor Romanus Fuhrman’s resume. Could they be one and the same? We’ll have to wait and see…

If we get any updates, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Karen Strassman’s website resume
Karen Strassman’s voice acting site resume
Google search results

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        1. Yep, so it has a shot of being next year’s game possibly. It’s funny that Gens was codenamed Sonic Anniversary when those rumors popped up and I think is still referenced in like the articles of the Wii and PSP versions were canned. Why PSP was ever a consideration, I’ll never know.

  1. Does this mean, we’ll finally see Rouge doing something besides being a cheerleader?

  2. I’m telling you, it’s something that will tie in with Sonic’s 25th anniversary.

  3. Oooh! Suspense! Sonic Mach2, Sonic II– what’s next, Sonic Boom 2? 😀

    Either way, this isn’t really a lot of info to work off of. I’m waiting for official announcements on this sort of stuff.

  4. So Rouge might be in Mach 2? Fuck yes, Even if she isn’t playable having her show up again is awesome, maybe we could even get more characters!

  5. I hope that something is said at or during E3 even though SEGA declared their nonattendance. It should be interesting. Also, I’m glad to see Rouge back. 😉

  6. Anything that remotely implies side characters is cool by me. I like Rouge well enough. If this is a part of Sonic Mach 2, and that turns out to be the next main game, then that’s good. I seriously do hope that Rouge would be more important in it, though.

    We haven’t had anyone aside from Sonic, Tails, and Eggman be important in a main series title since ye old 2006. Let that sink in. Knuckles and Shadow have been… waterboys.

  7. I feel like Sonic Mach 2 or Sonic II is probably just a placeholder title for what it is going to be. Whatever it is going to be I am very excited for a brand new Sonic game that is actually good for once in two years.

  8. You see, you say that SEGA wouldn’t make a sequel to 06 because of how poorly it did but now we have a sequel to Sonic Boom so… lol

    In all seriousness though I’m curious as to where this is headed.

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