Preview: Sonic Boom #9 (Worlds Unite Part 6)

Another weekly dose of the crossover, this time with 100% more explosions!


Comics Alliances brings us the next part of their recap for Worlds Collide! Aside from running through the events of part five and and another interview with editor Vincent Lovallo (bringing up the age old mystery of Spy Brooms along the way), there’s a preview for Sonic Boom #9. The moment’s finally arrived for our heroes to engage Sigma, the Deadly Six and the Mechaniloid forces in all out combat. You know they’ll be fighting with all they have, but Sigma’s bound to be packing a rotten trick up his sleeve to work against them! Meanwhile, Sticks somehow ends up in a predicament when she falls off the Sky Patrol and into a Genesis Portal herself! Where could she have landed? Never mind that for now, our fighters are going into combat in “Worlds Unite”: part 6.

Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Edwin Huang, Gary Martin, John Workman and Gabriel Cassata
Cover: Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante
Evil Friends Forever E.F.F. Variant Cover: Brent McCarthy
Covers Unite Variant (6 of 12): Ben Bates
The SONIC/MEGA MAN crossover event GOES BOOM! “Worlds Unite” Part Six: The war against Sigma has been waged! Sonic, Mega Man and X lead their unified friends against hordes of mechaniloids led by the armored, super-powered Deadly Six! That sounds pretty scary and exciting, and now is definitely the time for everyone to work together and pay close attention. Especially Sticks. She tends to do some distracting stuff, like falling off the Sky Patrol and landing into a Genesis Portal or something—wait? Did she really? Well, where did she land? No way! Is that – -?! You won’t believe where Sticks lands, but what you BETTER believe is that this issue sports some awesome cover art by Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante and the return of the EVIL FRIENDS FOREVER (E.F.F.) variant by Brent McCarthy! Plus part 6 of the epic 12-part connecting variant cover series by artist Ben Bates!
On Sale Date: 7/1 | 32-page, full color comic | $3.99 U.S.

Sonic Boom #9 is due to be released in stores next Wednesday. Let’s hope you don’t run into a portal if you want to pick it up yourself!

Source: Comics Alliance


  1. Wait, I thought the Boom comics were only getting in the digests or something… Are they getting revived?

  2. “Sonic the Hedgehog, Fastest Thing Alive (Sonic’c World)”

    Sonic’s World. Sonic’s. World.
    …Damn Sega.

      1. An apostrophe in a name followed by an, “s” means that the object, or noun, belongs to them. You’re confusing this with common conjunctions.

        Example One (Ownership):
        Sonic’s shoes are red.

        Example Two (Conjunction):
        Sonic’s always running so fast these days.

        Hopefully I was informative without sounding like a troll.

  3. I’m getting kind of tired of the whole, “World’s Crossover” gimmick. I understand it’s promotional and it probably boosts sales of all the comics it participates in, but I was just getting back into the comics when, “World’s Unite” started, and I got really excited by how good the Champions arc was.

  4. I still don’t get why they picked Comedy Chimp and that gopher/beaver guy to be in Sticks’ team… Was that a really bad attempt at being funny or something? Because it really isn’t working… Most of the time, they’re not even there and when they ARE there, they do nothing except make the worlds worst jokes… They could’ve at least picked Dave the Intern or something, y’know, someone who can actually DO something!

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