Preview: Mega Man: Worlds Unite Battles #1

Prepare the fisticuffs, Marquess of Queensbury rules!


In the first of two auxiliary books, we’re covering some early battles that just didn’t have space to be covered in the main events. Comics Alliance has another instalment of their weekly recap and interview with Vincent Lovallo, and a preview for Mega Man: Worlds Unite Battles #1. Here, there are three fights to be played out; go back to the start where Mega Man squared up against the Deadly three of Six before capture, find out the stepping stones the Mega Man X cast took from fighting Vile in their world to reaching the Sonic Boom universe, and see the first defence of Mega Man’s world as Dr Light’s Robot Masters attempt to stop the roboticised Sonic Man!

Script: Ian Flynn, T. Rex
Art: Ben Bates, Jamal Peppers, Brent McCarthy, Rachel Deering and Elaina Unger
Cover: Jamal Peppers, Phyllis Novin and Ben Hunzeker
Sketch Variant Cover: Jamal Peppers
United Variant Cover: Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante
ALL-NEW DIRECT MARKET-EXCLUSIVE special! There are so many epic battles in the SONIC/MEGA MAN crossover event that the biggest brawls of the bunch have exploded into their very own book! This extra-special bonus issue features exciting duels spilling over from the pages of the much-talked about “Worlds Unite” event, and feature an all-star cast of creators! Watch Mega Man bring the ruckus to the Deadly Six, the Maverick Hunters ultimate showdown with Vile and Dr. Light’s Robot Masters tussle with the unstoppable power of hero-turned-uber-villain Sonic Man! LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE! Also featuring variant art from Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante, and a special wrap-around cover and sketch variant by Sonic and Mega Man superstar Jamal Peppers!
On Sale Date: 6/17 | 32-page, full color comic | $3.99 U.S

 Mega Man: Worlds Unite Battles #1 is coming out exclusively to the direct market next Wednesday. Make sure to keep a sharp eye out so you don’t miss this gut-punching action!

Source: Comics Alliance


  1. Loving the art of this issue! Especially in that Eggman and Willy page, and can’t believe how badass Sonic Man is, is more intimidating than Metal Sonic!

  2. So… there’s no chance of this being digitally released? Cause I don’t want to have to go onto eBay for something I can’t get at a comic shop anymore…

        1. Good news, we’ll be getting the Mega Man Worlds Unite Battle Books AND Mega Man #50, my local Comic Shop put up on their Facebook the list of comics coming on Thursday, and they’re both on the list 🙂

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