Download the Freedom Planet demo on Wii U, get it at 15% off at launch


UPDATE: Release info is also confirmed. The game will release on August 3rd in NA (and they’re hoping to launch at the same time in EU) for $15 as shown in the Press Release below:


Original Article: Nintendo today announced a neat new promotion that goes like this; 9 Indie titles on Wii U will get a special demo, and downloading said demo between now and the 22nd, allows you to get that game for 15% off for the first month after the game has been released!

One of those is the Sonic-like Freedom Planet, already announced to be Wii U-bound back in March.

Here’s a new Wii U-specific trailer just released:


For reference, the other 8 titles are:

  • Runbow (13AM Games)
  • Mutant Mudds Super Challenge (Renegade Kid)
  • Typoman (Headup Games)
  • forma.8 (Mixed Bag)
  • RIVE (Two Tribes)
  • Soul Axiom (Wales Interactive)
  • Extreme Exorcism (Ripstone)
  • Lovely Planet (tinybuild and QUICKTEQUILA)

Have you downloaded the Freedom Planet demo yet? What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments!


    1. It’s not coming to 3DS at the moment, it’s out on Steam, but now it’s coming to Wii U.

      1. They said before that they want to release it on 3DS but as of yet it’s proving to difficult to get it running on there or something, can’t remember the actual reason, it was either that or they were having trouble getting Nintendo to let them.

  1. OK, this is the first time I’m hearing about Freedom Planet and I’m very excited for it as it looks VERY similar to Sonic games!
    So, my question is, won’t Sonic Team sue them for this? Am I missing something? Sorry for being clueless…

    1. Nah, you can’t really trademark/patent a fast moving 2D platformer starring animals. It started out as a Sonic fan game but other than the similarities, it’s not a rip off.

      A rip off (which could be considered copyright infringing and able to be sued for) would be if they copied the level design, or characters, music, etc.

      1. Oh ok! Thanks! I’m really excited for it! There are so many cool games for Wii U! Glad I bought one!

  2. Oh Snap, I’ve bought this game off Steam ages ago & it’s downright amazing! Having on the Wii U feel much more right at home. Can’t wait for the UK/EU release (still holding out for that AVGN Adventures port to arrive)!

  3. Oh hack yes I am going to play FreeDom- Planet demo today at night time for Wii U!

  4. Typical, I was just given this by a friend on Steam… Oh well, I’m currently loving it so I might pick it up a second time further down the line. I’d be more tempted if it was on 3DS, however, since then I could have a copy for at home and a copy for on the go but hey, can’t have everything.

  5. A guy at work who is anything but a Sonic fan spoke to me about this yesterday, he’s all excited.

    Myself on the other hand still can’t get into fan made Sonic games

    1. This is much more than a fan made sonic game, it may have started out as one, but it’s become much more than that. Try it out.

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