3 new screenshots of Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on Wii U leaked


Well, it would seem an eagle-eyed person by the name of PeDaRoYs at Marioboards (and LukA8 at our forums for pointing to that!) spotted that the official Rio 2016 blog accidentally posted at least three new screens of the game, which were quickly removed moments later.

Luckily, the urls still work, so the three shots are still viewable below:


The user also spoke about other screenshots, one of which apparently shows Rosalina:

Other photos were:
-Sonic competing in Archery
-Zazz (against Yoshi) preparing to serve in Table Tennis.
-Rugby 7s with 3 Marios, 2 Sonics, Diddy Kong, Boom Booms and Egg Pawns
-Rosalina, Daisy, Peach and a female Mii competing in Synchronize Swimming

Hopefully the other screens will be found soon enough, but if not, E3 is only a bit over a week away where we’ll know much more!

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  1. Can’t wait to see Rosalina in her Sports Otfits! She did not have in Mario Golf 3DS so it be a first!

    1. Agreed, actually its a strong possibility since Zazz have been only shown on that event, perhaps for this game the bosses will be the Deadly Six and the Koopalings.

      Personally I would love to have Shade the echidna playable but, then again, Penders.

      1. Although both the screenshot and the trailer have Zazz against Yoshi so it could just be a screencap from the trailer

        Plus in the trailer, the camera is behind Zazz, if he was a boss it would be behind Yoshi

        1. The footage could be from a replay, that would explain why the camera wasn’t straight back but over Zazz shoulder, but either way we may get our answer on thursdat or the days after.

    2. more female representives in general, they could replace creams role with her mum – make her relivent again.

      1. Agreed, there are a lot of cool female Sonic characters, they could also consider:

        -Honey the cat

        I know Honey is a really obscure character but she is official after all and was made relevant again in comics.

  2. Ooh, Rosalina!

    We’ll definitely hear more at E3. With any luck, we may even hear about the elusive Mach2.

  3. Rosalina semi-confirmed? I’d say so, and that’s great. But what confuses me is…

    “3 Marios, 2 Sonics” W.. Huh? Can you have multiple of each character now?

    And lastly, yay, Miis semi-confirmed. It’s not like they WOULDN’T be, but still, I love playing as myself every chance I get.

    1. There’s probably more character confirmations. Wouldn’t be surprised if they made a special announcement video or something.

      I hope you do get to use multiples of each characters. I would be down for an Eggman vs Eggman vs Eggman vs Eggman match.

      1. Sonic & Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles.

        If Rosalina is confirmed, then we can assume that we have one more Mario character available, and two more Sonic characters. This excites me.

        1. ‘Tis exciting times, in part due to how sink or swim 2016 is for Sonic.

          Though what would be the additional Mario character be? My money’s on Wart. 🙂

          1. I’m thinking we’ll get Omega and Big on the Sonic side, and on the Mario side, I’m hoping for Kamek, but it’s really hard to say.

          2. True. Until we get official announcements, it is hard to tell who will be present. Big and Omega would be cool though.

          1. Zazz isn’t confirmed to be playable by most, as he is arguably a boss/rival character. We can’t see any real proof that he’s playable, especially with no character markers. It’d also be odd for him to be shown, but not a third Mario character.

          2. There’s also nothing saying he won’t be playable considering we didn’t see any other rivals

          3. You’re definitely right, but it’s hard to say if he truly is playable or not. Nabbit, Diddy, Jet, and Rouge all had markers and flags, indicating their playability. We can’t confirm if Zazz is playable or a rival.

    2. Miis *are* confirmed. Look at the flags in the screenshots, they’re clearing waving Mii flags around.

    3. If you can have multiple characters of the same then that must mean multiple costumes will be available! ^^

      In the case of Eggman his alternate costumes could be Egmman Nega, Classic Eggman and Boom Eggman, for Bowser one could be Dry Bowser.

      1. Or the multiples could just be placeholders so no more characters are leaked. ¬_¬

  4. I really don’t like how some of the character models look (Sonic in particular), but I am actually kind of looking forward to this game. I haven’t played any of the Mario and Sonic games since the second one was released on the Wii, but this one looks really interesting.

      1. I think it’s the middle mouth Sonic that is making him uncomfortable and I don’t blame him.

  5. i can… play as… Rosalina…
    Metal Sonic, buddy – your 1st place spot may be taken.
    (Who am i kidding / u \ i’ll just have to keep switching)

  6. So there’s 2/6 characters left. I wonder who they could be, we still need a power character for both Mario and Sonic (Assuming Zazz is all around) so maybe Omega and Dry Bowser

    If we got more then maybe Espio, Birdo, maybe Big and a skill Mario character

    1. In the trailer we also see a Red Birdo, since you can have multiple of the same character in a match maybe they are recoloured

    2. Someone said something about a power type from Mario, someone else said something about needing a skill type from Mario. PERFECT! Wario is Power type and Waluigi is skill type, this may hopefully mean they are both coming back. And a power type from sonic, I think Omega

  7. Ugh, Sega needs to put effort into a actual Sonic game – frustrating when they make games like Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations – then lose confidence and “rebrand” Sonic once again, sick of the spin-offs.

    1. But this game isn’t developed by Sonic Team but a different studio, also it could even benefit the next main Sonic game since the Olympic Games titles sell very well and is money that could be used for the

      1. …budget of the next major Sonic title (sorry for leaving the message incomplete, I was writing on my phone and the battery ran out, still I’m surprised it posted itself without hitting the button lol)

    2. Raw basically explained most of what I had to say. Plus, the Olympics series actually started in 2008, so this isn’t a rebranding, but rather the continuation of a pre-established tradition.

  8. I’m liking this. I don’t know if there is a hype train for this, but I will be waiting by the station just in case.

  9. Oh my goodness I bet Rosalina is going to be every Mario games or Mario & Sonic games in the future because she is the most popular Mario character in the world!

  10. It’s so weird that these are the first games in the Mario & Sonic series since the first winter games titles (which were realesed in 2009) to add new characters to the roaster.

  11. Just to let you know about this “leak”. Please tell sonicstadium.org about this (they’re the ones who spread those “leaks” through the internet).
    Quote from: PeDaRoYs on June 06, 2015, 12:15:52 AM
    -Rugby 7s with 3 Marios, 2 Sonics, Diddy Kong, Boom Booms and Egg Pawns
    -Rosalina, Daisy, Peach and a female Mii competing in Synchronize Swimming
    I’m not really sure if that’s really Rosalina since these screenshots were placed in a grid and in low quality.
    Don’t confirm it yet. We just going to wait until E3.
    I think that the Rugby 7s screenshot is just a development screenshot. I don’t know if you can do multiple Marios in this game.

    1. It seems that I can’t find the screens that you’re looking for. I tried finding it on my history. I can’t find it in source code either.

      About the “leak”, I don’t know if it’s confirmed or not. We just need to wait for E3.

  12. Please, PLEASE say Waluigi is in it, I Don’t Care about Vector and Metal Sonic, But You gotta add Waluigi and Wario! PLEASE!

  13. Has anyone heard anything about Sticks the Badger in the Olympics? And Waluigi and Wario need to come back: Wario is power type, Waluigi is skill type

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