Sonic Dash Extreme Video, Pics & Details


Over the weekend, news broke that Sonic Dash had undergone a transformation into an arcade machine, well it turns out that TSS’ own Project Phoenix aka TitansCreed was the one who made the discovery and has since provided us with a number of photos of the arcade cabinet and a video of his discovery too.

Based on the video, you can play as Rouge and a number of other characters (we’ll get into those later). However one of the biggest differences is that you as you play the game, collect rings and get points, these are ranked and graded, your grade determines how many prize tickets you are rewarded with.


The images on the side of the cabinet suggest that you can play as Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Knuckles, Amy and TC also confirms that Blaze, Rouge and Cream are also playable. Other bits of information are confirmation that the cabinet is made by Sega Amusements


As well as the images, here is TC’s thoughts on the game in question

The level and character choice is completely random, in place of your touch pad you have a giant D-Pad in which to make your choice in terms of movements. Left and right for the obvious movements and up for jump and down for dash, in a similar style to the mobile game.

The boss is where things change slightly, and for the worst as it is in the players detriment. You have two target reticules you have to align in order to hit the boss. You only have one chance per area and you need to hit the boss three times, just like in the mobile version to proceed. If you miss once the game ends, there’s no going onto the next level, an instant game over.

All for the lovely price of £1, you end up with about a minute’s worth of gameplay…

What do you think? Still want to play this? Let us know in the comments.

For full sized pics, check out our gallery.


  1. This reminds me of a certain modern Pac-Man arcade game I found in an arcade recently. It was equally as cheap with allowing you no more than one chance to do everything perfectly. The High Definition graphics were absolutely stunning though.

  2. It stinks that character selection is random, but more than likely I’ll never get the chance to play on of these machines (not much of an arcade-goer). If I ever see one though I’ll definitely play and keep my fingers crossed that I play as a character I like.

  3. I’ll go by Round 1 tomorrow and see if it’s there. They get every new arcade game and already have 5 Star Wars Battlepod cabinets.

  4. Unseen art! I can’t really work out what Sonic’s expression is supposed to be though, if anything I’d say he looks a little uncomfortable and/or trying to smile but not really getting there.

  5. Sega, you could’ve used a 2 way Joystick and 2 Buttons for Jump and 2 Buttons for Dash to satisfy both lefties and righties, it would be a million times cheaper than that hunk of plastic

  6. What is up with Sonics expression in that side image where he’s running? He looks really uncomfortable…

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