Sonic Dash Extreme – Dashing into Butlins

sonicdashextremeSo this came out of nowhere.

Community member TitansCreed spotted a rather odd arcade machine during his holiday yesterday, an arcade version of Sonic Dash entitled ‘Sonic Dash Extreme.’

According to what details we can gather from the picture and TC’s tweets, the game plays a lot like it’s mobile counterpart with one or two differences.

  • Character selection is random, as is level stage.
  • If you fail to beat the boss, it’s game over.

From what little information we can tell, the arcade machine appears to be made by ‘Sega Amusements’ and rewards the player by giving them prize redemption tickets. However, there are no details about the machine on¬†their website.

We do however have a location of this particular machine. It was found in the Butlins holiday resort in Minehead (United Kingdom), so chances are it’ll soon find it’s way to other arcades around the UK.

Titans Creed has promised to upload a video of the machine in action once he gets home, we’ll update you when that arrives.

Source: Twitter.

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  1. This is especially shocking for me, since I didn’t think that people played arcade machines anymore.

  2. Interesting. I’ve seen a lot of these mobile arcade ports, like Doodle Jump.
    The graphics seem to look better, though I guess that’s a given.

      1. Well then I’m afraid it doesn’t really compete well with its mobile forerunner.

        1. It does in the sense it can give you real prizes instead of just bragging rights as well as giving people a chance to make new friends outside of a computer screen.

  3. Wow, I want to try this. I’d love to know if there are any more key differences.

  4. That’s awesome Sega has release Sonic Dash on Mobile Derives & now arcade to in UK is like Sega has brain storm to have Sonic Dash on Arcade this year on UK year.

  5. Well, this, is interesting?

    I should atleast get about 3 turns for free, after all, I did buy SD when it first came out. <:\

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