Sonic Boom toys come… and are going fast at The Entertainer.


Whilst reports were coming in recently about Toymaster getting Sonic Boom toys in, The UK based toy retailer The Entertainer is now selling a sizeable range of Tomy’s Sonic Boom toy range at their website… And they’re selling out remarkably fast.

Prices for the figures starts at £5.00 for individual figures like Sticks, Sonic and Knuckles all the way up to the more expensive play sets at £25.00 (ala Sonic Vs. Burnbot set).

As mentioned, the toys are already selling out, with a small selection still available to purchase.

View the full range here.

Have you been able to swipe any for yourself? Keep an eye on the Entertainer for more!

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  1. I’m Glad, That Despite The Unsuccessful Games, Boom Still Has The Potential That Developers Seeked From It. C:

  2. Depends, cause sometimes shops dont get enough stock and it makes it seem like their selling fast, but really they might have had only 3 in. example the Amiibo’s at toy’s R us only had 1 Zelda in stock, once it was brought Zelda was marked down as out of stock.

  3. $39 for Sonic/Burnbot?

    They’re $20 here in the US.. If anyone wants to import contact me, might work out cheaper

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