Sonic Boom to Air in The UK On June 1st!

boomjune1stWell this is a surprise! Sonic Boom has been quite the hit TV to audiences in the US and France since November of last year, however, when Sega said that Boom wouldn’t be coming to the UK until fall of 2015.

Well looks like something has changed! Multiple reports are from people living in the UK say that an advert has appeared on TV which shows Sonic Boom is coming to the UK on June 1st.

Boom is going to be broadcast on the Boomerang UK channel, as of yet there is no timeslot or details as to how many episodes will be shown per slot.

Keep checking TSS if more details come we’ll let you know.

Thanks to Blue Paradox for the image.



  1. P.S. Does anyone else find it shocking how the only way we know about this is because a fan was randomly watching the TV and it suddenly came on the air?

    No official announcement from either Sega or Boomerang as of yet… but… there it is.

    1. I find it shocking that they got it promoted on TV at all, I don’t recall Cartoon Network ever promoting the show before it’s release. They only advertised it for the first 3 weeks of the show, but they only showed the commercials right after Sonic Boom got over with. What the heck Cartoon Network, aren’t you aware of how many views that show is getting!?

  2. Yay? I guess? Shame no one will watch it on TV now because everyone who wants to watch it in the UK already watched it and can rewatch it online thanks to various American cousins, meaning the ratings will be abysmal and it will ultimately fail here.

    1. Also why Boomerang instead of CN themselves? Seems like a weird decision since Boomerang mostly focuses on older shows and remakes of older shows, primarily of the Hanna Barbera and Warner Bros. variety.

      1. Boomerang recently had a reboot. It still pays mind to the classics, but much much less. Thus, shows like Sonic Boom can now air there.

  3. Interesting… This would be the first Sonic TV series since SatAM not to be shown on ITV. Bit of shame, but hey ho.

  4. I really thought it going broadcast on Disney XD (on boy look like I was wrong :P)

  5. Gee… Putting it on Boomerang UK is kinda like a death slot if you seen what has happened to other show on the channel in the past.

  6. Dat purple Sonic tho.

    But seriously, I wonder why there hasn’t been an official announcement. It’s odd.

  7. I was up at 5am this morning and managed to catch it right after The Flintstones at half past 5

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