Sonic Boom In-store Concepts Found

sega9At this time, it’s hard to dismiss the notion that Sonic Boom, for all its intents hasn’t worked out at all in the way SEGA hoped it would. Now, UK based marketing company ‘Big Evil Robot’ has offered a look at an awesome (but in hindsight quite sad) look at what UK based toy stores like Toys R Us and Smyths could have looked like had Sonic Boom really taken off.

From Big Evil Robot’s website:

SEGA – SONIC BOOM! Shopper Experience

BRIEF : SEGA came to us looking for concepts to expand the launch of their new exclusive to the Wii U game, ‘Sonic Boom!’ as well as deepen engagement and interactivity levels with younger children.

IDEA: We created an eco-system of consumer engagement experiences that would get product into kids hands, generate word of mouth excitement and ultimately led to purchase. A  multi-activity roadshow, promoting the new game with the added bonus of being designed to keep kids fit, by creating playful physical activities

  • Augmented Reality ‘in-store’ interaction
  • iPad Remote controlled inflatable ‘drones’
  • Sonic ‘Speed Zorbing’ & Bungee Run
  • Interactive POS
  • Photo opportunities with core characters
  • Spot prizes and treasure hunts




The company hoped to shape a whole brand identity around the Sonic Boom franchise. It featured specially made and themed in-store displays that took advantage of augmented reality, and even a tour that would feature ‘character photo opportunities’, iPad controlled drone flights and activities for children to take part in including treasure hunts, ‘speed zorbing’ and bungee runs.



A slew of merchandise concepts can also be seen. T-Shirts, books and even what looks to possibly be lines of footwear feature in the retail displays seen in the pics.

With Sonic Boom’s game reputation withering on the grapevine, it’s very unlikely that we’ll be seeing anything like this in stores now, but it gives the impression that SEGA were really hoping for a big relaunch of the Sonic franchise with Sonic Boom.

Would you have liked to have seen this come to stores?

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Big props to Shadzter for the find!

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  1. But anyway if this was real , little kids would freak out , even I would too

  2. Holy crap… This is crazier than the 20th anniversary stuff!
    Seriously, they could’ve just made an entire store dedicated to Sonic (Boom)!
    They probably expected the games to turn out better…

    1. Wait, I know this is late but they were seriously going to put the bungee thing at the bottom of the escalators? I mean, ACROSS them too? Good lord, that’s dangerous!

  3. Man, this is both cool and sad at the same time. SEGA really thought they had a gold mine with this series. Just goes to show that maybe you should wait for feedback on your game before you even start to think of throwing all of your eggs into one basket. 🙁

    For the record though, I would have bought those Sonic shoes in a Super Sonic heartbeat! WHY have they not made Sonic-styled shoes a thing yet!? It’s like the biggest of no-brainers! Alongside life sized rings and cosplay gloves, which have only just recently became officially licensed products.

  4. Thing is people keep saying Sonic Boom is a Reboot. It’s not. It’s just another seperate branch in the franchise, Sega even made that clear multiple times MONTHS before the Series and Games launched. Kinda like Megaman and Megaman X, It’s it’s own universe and doesn’t affect the main series. Even the Sonic the Hedgehog comics are set in their own universe. But It would be awesome if Sally, Nicole, Rotor, and the rest of the Freedom Fighters joined in the Games. My point being, people need to stop overreacting and learn their facts.

    As for this, I think this looks awesome. I kinda wish the sonic boom games were more of a success so they could do something like this. Even though i did enjoy rise of lyric (It’s a guilty pleasure but I do find fun in it)

    1. It may be a seperate thing but cant really blame people as they have a sneaky way of condensing the mediums,been doing that for a long time

  5. Talk about overkill. It would be cool if it wasn’t for advertising Tomy’s cruddy toys. I think I’d prefer the standees or the display signs than the figures! Sell the standees instead!

  6. Looks awesome, but the franchise would only be associated by the masses by Boom.
    I’m already getting the fences up for the tons of “why does Knuckles look like that?” comments when the TV show comes to the UK.
    The comments would’ve been worse if this was successful.
    Again, this would’ve been awesome.

  7. I feel so bad that the games (or, more specifically, Rise of Lyric, as people forget Shattered Crystal exists) ruined the appeal of Sonic Boom. If it was honestly planned to give this much of an impact, then I really feel sad. It seems somewhat cool, especially for kids.

    At least the merchandise we have now, the comics, and the TV series are doing swell.

  8. The marketing company didn’t mention the TV show? Was Sega promoting the game over the television show or was it just because the company thought “oh Sonic’s a game so the game must be important!” If it’s the former, that’s an incredibly foolish move. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t care if the game turned out to be good, how could a game alone carry the merchandising strength of the subfranchise? Usually a television show would be the proper choice (i.e 80’s Saturday cartoons).

  9. Okay, I like the fact of Sega creates Sonic Boom in Toys R Us Smyth’s is so awesome to have it in UK Because well we all know Sonic Boom is a popular TV show or Popular Sonic TV Show in the world!

  10. Man. As awesome as the concept of Sonic-themed stores sounds, I would have hated to see stores with those awful character designs plastered everywhere.

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