UPDATE: Sonic Boom Free To Play Mobile Games Coming?

 UPDATE: 24 hours later, the account which posted this information has since been made ‘private.’ Read into that what you like.


A long time ago, it was hinted that there would be some mobile games based on the Sonic Boom brand. Whilst there has been no further confirmation on their existence, this LinkedIn listing suggests that they do/did exist in some form.

According to a listing on LinkedIn, the Director of Live Operations at Sega Networks and Three Rings Studio (both of which are Sega mobile game development studios), states that he was a point of contact for a number of Sonic Boom projects including F2p Mobile Games.

As you can see in the screen grab above, this person was the mobile F2P contact point for Sega trans-media projects, such as Sonic Boom, listed in brackets are Cartoon Network, Nintendo, toys and merchandise and the yet announced F2P Mobile games.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know if this means that the games are still in production or if this was a cancelled project since there has been no other word on mobile games related to Sonic Boom since Boom was first announced over a year ago.

We’ll update you if more details come to light.

Source: LinkedIn


  1. “Well it looks like those games might still be in production.”

    “Unfortunately, there’s no way to know if this means that the games are still in production”


  2. This doesn’t shock me, actually. Free to play is the new fad and Boom was pretty much made to appeal to modern kids who will, funnily enough, want anything that’s currently seen as cool so Boom needs to keep up.Kinda like how Sonic did the whole cartoon and theme park thing when it was new to keep itself off the ground.

  3. Yay? This could be good or bad. My only hope is that they don’t have a Candy Crush style game. Other than that, though, YAY!!!……..?

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made mobile Boom games. At this point, that would probably be the safest way to continue the franchise through game format until SEGA can gather together another dev team to actually deliver on a good quality console game for Boom.

  5. Making mobile games for the Boom franchise is a wise decision, especially if they’re trying to reach out to a younger demographic. Mobile games are cheap to make, can turn in alot of profit and can be a great as advertisement. Honestly, Sonic Boom should stay doing mobile games. It’s much better that way.

  6. This actually seems like a pretty smart idea. In fact, dare I say it.. I think it’d be wise to have Sonic Boom take the mobile Sonic division, while Modern Sonic stays on consoles and PC. If they are reaching out to new audiences (especially kids), I imagine free to play games with the blue blur would be just the right thing.. it’d also be good promotion for the TV series.

  7. This will fit perfectlt for the Sonic Boom universe, after all their target audience is kids, most kids download tons of free games daily but few spend money on console ganes if they aren’t Mario, Minecraft, CoD of GTA related (yeah, even when the last two aren’t for children).

    Also who would buy a game with the words “Sonic Boom” on it? I think the mobile market place fits better with the Boom universe, after all is a much simpler universe.

  8. Well, I don’t think the whole “free to play” model is inherently bad. As long as they don’t approach it as needlessly ridiculous a fashion as, say, that Final Fantasy: All the Bravest game, there remains a chance that these titles could be good.

  9. Honestly just launch Sonic Runners and then watch the money roll in – the only thing Boom related that ought to keep running is the cartoon.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was planned when SEGA likely were still hoping Boom would be a viable sub-franchise, I note also the SEGA Networks logo there, same leg of the company handling runners. Wouldn’t be surprised if they just switched development to runners, and shelved any extra Boom stuff once they knew the headline games were going to tank.

    1. You don’t think the comics should keep running? 😮 The comics are honestly the best thing to come out of Boom with the show at a close second. Just saiyan~

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