Sonic amiibo support coming to Yoshi’s Woolly World for Wii U, but in what capacity?


So it was announced in a new trailer today for Yoshi’s Woolly World for Wii U (developed by Good-Feel, the developer of Kirby’s Epic Yarn and Wario Land: Shake It) that you can use over 40 amiibo figures to give Yoshi a costume based on the character as demonstrated in the video which showed Yoshi as Mario with that familiar mustache (quite bizarre-looking if I’m honest lol!), as that Gorilla who refers to himself as an ass (Donkey Kong), or as Link (he just got even greener!).

You can see a big line-up of supported amiibo near the end, one of which includes Sonic, but as we’ve seen in numerous other amiibo-supported games, this doesn’t guarantee Yoshi will get Sonic-ized. Full circle from Sonic Lost World anyone? 😛

But if so, does this mean wool Yoshi will also be a spiky blue pin cushion?

We’ll report when we find out what the exact functionality of Sonic’s amiibo and if he does get a Sonic outfit.


  1. I really didn’t think the Sonic amiibo would get much support, if at all, for anything besides Smash. I thought there would be trouble with licensing since he’s third party.

    1. It’s possible when Sonic was being put in Smash Bros., SEGA signed a contract with Nintendo having control over him as a Smash character and amiibo.

    1. Which I just now noticed was the thumbnail to this article, thanks to wonky website issues. Derp.

  2. That video is SO F***ING CUTE!!!

    And it’s also good timing, since I got a Sonic Amiibo just last week!

  3. So Nintendo believes Sonic fits right in with Yoshi games? Of all their franchises?

    *Sigh* this is exactly why I don‘t want Sonic to be Nintendo exclusive, much less to be developed by Nintendo at all, if at least they somehow crossover Sonic with Star Fox for example I would have been cool with that, but Yoshi just doesn’t fit Sonic at all unless they want to kiddyfy and simplify Sonic much more than they have been doing since Sonic Colors.

      1. But they aren’t the whole franchise, they aren’t even support characters, if we were talking about a spin-off game with only those then maybe…

        1. Most of Sonics best games were kiddy and simplified too though. The Megadrive games, the GBA games, Rush, Colours, Lost World…

          1. Sorry but no my friend, the games were never kiddy, they had that surreal and over exagerated look but nothing ever shouted “kiddy”, unlike Yoshi games where every character have an ultra cute design and stages are filled with flowers and smiling clouds and hills, Sonic never was kiddy until Sonic Colors and it still isn’t THAT kiddy, and yeah, the Rush games were great and weren’t simple, they had a lot of story and character development, also I wouldn’t call Sonic Colors and Lost World some of the best Sonic games really.

    1. As I noted, Sonic DID get to run in a Yoshi’s Island (styled after Yoshi’s Story though haha) level in Sonic Lost World.

    2. A Blue Hedgehog destroying the goofy looking robot hordes of a comicly overweight man dressed like a clown isn’t kiddy?

      People do realize this is a children’s franchise right? Also why are you smacktalking Yoshi? Yoshi’s awesome!

      1. Exactly. It’s a series about cartoony, colourful, super powered animals beating up a fat guy while running through assorted colourful levels, saving VERY cutesy smaller animals and while mostly happy, kid-friendly music plays. What part of this isn’t kiddy? yes, ok, some of the underlying plots aren’t so kiddy but not so in most of the games, not as far as any kid would figure out, anyway.

        1. That idea on itself is not necessarily kiddy, depending on how you implement it.

          Ok, perhaps we started with the wrong foot, I think the problem isn’t if is kiddy or not but how kiddy it is, premises apart I honestly think Sonic has never been that kiddy and I think when someone says “Blue hedgehog beating a fat mad scientist is kiddy” that person is making an understatement because that would mean the following series would have the exact same tone and target audience:

          -Winnie the Pooh
          -Ninja Turtles
          -Mickey Mouse
          -Star Fox
          -Yoshi Story/Island
          -Guardians of the Galaxy

          1. Ninja Turtles? Starfox? GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY? All three of them are no more kiddy than Sonic SATAM which everyone knows is Sonics darkest on-screen adventure!

          2. Mickey Mouse has its fair share of dark moments too, the recent halloween special for one. o_o (we really need an edit option on comments here.)

          3. @kamifox1

            That’s exactly my point (hope we are still on the same page), just because a story uses anthropomorphic animals with fantasy premises doesn’t always means the story is overall kiddy, also that has different levels of maturity, in the case of Nintendo it would range from Yoshi games to Star Fox games when talking about anthros.

            Also I have to disagree a little, I think the darkest momebts of Sonic on screen when most of the plot of Shadow the hedgehog and the flashbacks from Sonic Adventure 2.

  4. This is awesome! This honestly makes me want the game more. Yoshi Man. Yoshi the Dinosaur. Yoshi Kong.

    1. Same with me. Sonshi/Yoshnic is a pretty interesting idea. However, Sanic wouldn’t win me over completely for buying this game.

  5. Hey you guys you know what this kind of remind of is Kirby suck up some enemies from Kirby games or Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Characters, to.

  6. Well, at least it’s a bit better than the ridiculous idea of Sonic wearing a diaper and a Mario hat in the Yoshi’s Island Zone.

  7. >People are complaining about supposed Sonic amiibo support
    >Forget that Sonic is a fairly light-hearted series

    This doesn’t seem really ridiculous in my opinion. Sonic usually has many light-hearted designs.

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