Preview: Sonic Boom #7

It’s a race to rescue…the fourth wall.


Sonic Boom is revving straight towards the crossover, and Comic Book Resources has a preview for it. Following on from last issue, Sonic is in peril as Eggman sprung a trap on him when that is cheating, who’d have thunk it. After being helped out, Sonic makes it his mission to win fairly and show up the doctor, but he has to survive the rest of the course in order to do that. And while we’re here, what will Sticks come across away from the races? This is “Everybody’s Super Sonic Racing”: part 2.

STORY BY: Ian Flynn
ART BY: Ryan Jampole, Jennifer Hernandez, Rick Bryant, Jack Morelli , Matt Herms
COLORS BY: Matt Herms
LETTERS BY: Jack Morelli
COVER BY: Jamal Peppers, Rick Bryant, Matt Herms, Erik Ly
PUBLISHER: Archie Comics
RELEASE DATE: Apr 29th, 2015
A multi-part story? In MY Sonic Boom comic?? You got that right! It’s wacky-racin’ adventure in “Everybody’s Super Sonic Racing” Part Two: Dr. Eggman’s fun and “friendly” go-kart challenge has turned deadly! But, really, who didn’t see that “twist” coming? Can Sonic salvage the race and prove to the bad doctor he can win fair and square? More importantly—can Sonic survive long enough to return to the race course?! Discover the fate of life, limb and ego in this super-fast story with cover art from Sonic comic fav Jamal Peppers, and an all-new “insubordination” variant cover from painter Erik Ly! …And BOOM goes the dynamite!

Sonic Boom #7 is already out in comic stores and on digital formats. As long as your commute to the shops isn’t as deadly as Sonic’s you should be fine.

Source: Comic Book Resources


  1. Judging from what I saw at the end of this issue, it looks Sticks will be the only Boom character involved in “Worlds Unite”.

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