UPDATE: Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games unveiled for Wii U and 3DS

Yes indeed! Just announced in the Japanese Nintendo Direct (at 18:26 in the video), surprisingly, the next Olympic game is indeed on the way, AND on both Wii U and 3DS!

Info is still a bit fuzzy as it’s from a Japanese source, we’ll update over the next bit with more info. Artwork can be found below.



New characters are spotted in the video such as Nabbit (from Mario), Zazz (from Sonic Lost World), Diddy Kong (from Mario, specifically the DK series), Rouge the Bat, and Jet the Hawk scattered in the video as possible playable characters as folks from our forum spotted.

Nintendo of America out of nowhere shared a Nintendo Direct Micro (literally, they just uploaded it without any fanfare), and it covers most of what was featured in the Japanese Direct from yesterday (why were the two separate and not simultaneous like usual then?) including Rio 2016.

It uses the same footage (with Gotta Pirouette Fast Eggman intact!) which you can see here at 6:42 into the video. My question is, who is publishing the game in the west, Nintendo (like with Sochi 2014), or Sega again (like with the first three games)?

There’s no indication, nor do we have a date (Niche Gamer reports “August” in the west, but Bill Trinen in the Direct says the Olympics takes place in August 2016, and no other site claims such a release date sooo…)

Nintendo UK uploaded the footage without any narration, so you can hear the music and everything in full!

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    1. if they make the full cast of sonic and his crew i’d absolutely lose it in enjoyment haha

      1. Glad someone agrees lol, its hard to get excited for the olympic game series in my opinion.

  1. Judging by Zazz’s appearance I may have a hunch that the rest of the Deadly Six will be playable and possibly the Koopalings. I was also hoping for Rosalina to be playable aswell and probably Espio to balance things out.

  2. i knew it was coming but now its on the way – another thing to look forward to buying.
    Also – i think the title render is the best in the series so far. They look very competitive this time.

      1. Ditto. X3

        Everyone else at TSSZ News seems to be hating on it tho, kind of a bummer. :/

  3. well hey even if it isn’t a sonic game it’s nice to see sonic looking like his badass self again.

  4. I love the artwork, but wouldn’t it make more sense to have Amy in it, instead of Knuckles. Considering how it shows Mario, Luigi, and Peach, it would make more sense to contrast it with Sonic, Tails, and Amy. That way, it feels like a competition of the two main playable guys from both series, along with the main female character. It just seems strange to see Knuckles in there. If Wario were in the shot, then it would go great with Knuckles. I hope all the past characters will return, because I didn’t notice the inclusion of Amy, Blaze, Vector, Bowser, Bowser Jr. Metal Sonic, Wario, or Waluigi. The video was short after all, and didn’t show a big variety of what events would be featured, so there’s hopefully a high chance they will return. I’m glad they’re finally adding more new characters, something they should have done with the last Summer and Winter video games. Some of the choices are questionable though, like Nabbit and Zazz (considering he wasn’t a rival.) If Zazz is playable, then that could leave an open spot for an unrevealed Mario character, which hopefully could be Rosalina. Maybe there will be more new characters as well, if so, I’m hoping for Rosalina, Toad, Cream, Big, K. Rool, Dixie, and Espio.

  5. Let’s see Sticks the Badger make it to THIS game, and with a shadow concealing her lack of underwear, or make her wear brown underwear!

    1. While we’re at it, Sonic can use some underwear, too. Good lord, what are they trying to show the kids nowadays?!

  6. Yay! Modern Sonic isn’t dead!
    Also I doubt amiibos would be made for this game as I assume it’s being developed by Sega, not Nintendo.

    1. They confirmed that Sonic Boom is a sub series that goes along with the Modern series. So there is no surprise that Modern Sonic is back.

  7. As one of thouse people who enjoy the Mario & Sonic Olympic Games series for what it is i’m sure excited!

  8. In that title render, Mario looks like he wants to KILL Sonic! O_O Maybe that whole theory about Mario being the villain is right after all!

    1. It’s because this olympic held in Brazil. Most of Brazilian would cheer for Sonic instead for him. He hated this event from the start. ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. With the way Mario is looking at Sonic it’s like Saga and Nintendo are trying to tell us something!

  10. YES !!!!!!!!! Ive been wanting to own a game from this series for a while and its finally here ! . Glad we got announcement before e3

  11. I can’t say I’m surprised ot excited for this game though I have to admit I’m liking the art, also I’m happy about the inclusions of Jet, Espio and Rouge (can’t say the same about Zazz) but I wonder if there will be more playable characters, I would really love to see Omega and Chaos in this.

  12. Oh dear not another one….. Mario & Sonic Olympics has been getting repetive since the first one. how long will they continue to milk this???? I once joked in 2009 that they will release a Olympics every 2 years and it seems that was true.

    Sega just make a flipping Mario & Sonic adventure or RPG based game!!!!! these 2 big legendary icons and all you do is put them in some Olympics cash in?

  13. hopefully there is some kind of Sonic on PS4 this year fingers crossed

    i watched the video for this one it looks better than the last one .

  14. HA! Called it. Looks like I do have something to cover at E3 after all.

  15. So…Sonic and Mario are going to Rio…but the game itself isn’t going to be sold in Brazil…?

    1. Damn, that’s messed up. First The World Cup and now this; I feel bad for Brazil these days.

  16. Well, not too excited for the game itself, but I’m at least happy that this is pretty much a confirmation that Sonic titles will still be released on consoles. And the tropical summer Rio style is at least different enough that it actually looks kinda interesting.

  17. Woah! Well, I think I’ll be the first to say that… I’m surprised. I thought they’d finally stop with these after Sochi. I am still pretty sad that Mario & Sonic don’t have a real crossover, but these games are still fun. And at last, they are doing what I’ve been asking for… MORE playable characters. Mario and Sonic have such iconic and fun casts that I feel Silver and DK weren’t enough last time. I am also very excited to play as Zazz for the very first time.

    If Zazz is going to be in, I’d love to see Iggy… my favorite Mario character. He is love and life.

    1. *Silver, DK, Junior, and Metal Sonic

      I was hoping the last two times that we’d get new characters in each installment is more what I mean. It’s great to see Rouge, Diddy, Jet, Nabbit, and Zazz (and even a flag for Espio.)

  18. Yooooo! I hope this won’t be as much as a bust like the Sochi game was. I can finally have Waluigi and Eggman on a team again.

    So excited.

  19. These are looking worse and worse each time. Not that the actual quality (not inferring there is quality) is dwindling with each title, but that the more time goes by the less and less appreciation i have for the whole series. Maybe if there was just the first one, it would be a noteworthy mark in the two’s history. Seeing as they keep releasing these for the quick cash and just completely ignore the fact that the majority of the mature fans who bought the original have lost interest and respect for the series now. Even if there was a 2018 winter olympics game and even if it was actually better than this one, wouldn’t matter to people who want quality games anymore because sega and nintendo simply refuse to listen to the criticism that we don’t want the olympics games crossovers anymore. We get it, they competed in the olympics which they had and have no business doing from the beginning, but whatever. They don’t even have to make a platformer or an epic action game. Just Something, anything else that would make more sense than the olympics. Put them in an actual soccer game like strikers for crying out loud and and actually focus on an idea instead of IDK Waahhhh HAVE ALL THESE PARTY GIMES!

  20. I’m SOOOO excited for this game but i REALLY hope that….
    1. We get a CG opening this time cuz i bet it would look AMAZING with the Wii U’s HD Graphics!
    2. I hope Rosalina is in it because it’s obvious she would be, with Rouge as a character we have an uneven amount of females so they have to put her in to balance it out, and i REALLY wanna see her sports outfit ๐Ÿ˜‰
    3. There’s More events than all the games combined
    4. The Modes are better
    5. The Game’s Story Mode is on thr console version this time!

  21. I also hope that
    1. We get more than 8 new characters ( they do owe use ALOT by now)
    2. Some male characters get outfit changes this time around (still weirded out by Mario still swimming in his plumbers outfit)
    3. The new characters and new/old events are locked and have to be unlocked later
    4. New Voice Clips, not recycled ones again
    5. New/remixed music!

  22. Seriously does anyone still care about this crossover series. Yeah it’s better than Boom but seriously Sega, how about not wasting this partnership and make the adventure crossover everyone really wants. Make something that might actually make you money for a change.

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