Neil Light Breaks a London Marathon World Record Whilst Dressed as Sonic

neillightmarathonToday was the day of the London Marathon, each year runners from all over the world pound the streets of London, some do it for fun, some do it to raise money and some do it to challenge themselves.

Well one runner, a Mr Neil Light decided that this year he would dress as Sonic the Hedgehog during his race, however he also had a second goal. He would not only run as Sonic, but also attempt to break the world record for the fastest time to cross the line by a runner dressed as a video game character. That means he has to run the full 26 miles in full costume, he must cross the line with the whole costume intact, if any part of it drops off, the record is void.

Well… he’s done it!

According to multiple sources, Neil has not only succeeded in completing the marathon, but he’s also broken the world record, setting a time of 3:09:28! Who previously held that record..? Mario & Luigi, yup that’s right, the previous record was held by Mario & Luigi who crossed the line as a pair to set a time of 3 hours,  29 minutes. Neil has smashed that record.

Neil crosses the line

Furthermore, Neil is also raising money for Bipolar UK, he has nearly reached his target, but is just under, if you fancy helping him reach his goal, feel free to contribute to his just giving page here.

Source: The Mirror

Neil Lights just giving page.


  1. Ah, but did he do it with his arms out behind him? He should have at least finished the race like that.

  2. He has done a great service for Sonic the Hedgehog and his fans. Thank you Mr. Neil Light!

  3. Talk about fastest thing alive, I think this dude may just be the real Sonic the Hedgehog! Or close enough to it.
    If he is reading this, congrats mate!

    1. Neil Light for Sonic the hedgehog in the Sonic the hedgehog movie based on the Sonic the hedgehog videogame starring Sobic the hedgehog!

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