Sonic Boom Commentaries Uncut: 23 – Let’s Play Musical Friends

Sorry for not posting these for a while. The episodes HAVE been going up on and itunes… I just forgot to post them here. Whoops.

Episode 23: YouTube Edition

Episode 23: Uncut Extended Podcast Edition

Also available on itunes!

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    Bee bot and Crab bot? It’s Buzz Bomber and Crabmeat, damnit! Does Bill even research?

    The videogame references got a chuckle out of me, however, especially the Sonic one (and them saying it sounds bad, despite me loving the games, still got a chuckle) and the Konami code.

    That enemy looked awesome, looked like a Zeti, shame he barely really did anything noteworthy.

    1. Yeah, that’s how I feel. When I saw him, I was like “Wow…Sonic Lost World 2 confirmed.”

      Somehow, no matter what, Sega seems to be REALLY good at making powerful and compelling villains, even Sonic 06’s Mephilis, you gotta admit was pretty awesome for a villain. Shame the villains never last more than half a game at best, but kudos for the numbers and consistency.

      1. IMO, Mephiles would have been much better if the writing for the story of ’06 wasn’t so bad. They REALLY did not think out their rules of time travel for the game. xD at the very least, they didn’t explain it very well.

        As it stands though, Mephiles is a cool villain that comes of as a total idiot because of blatantly bad writing.

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