Sonic 4: Episode 2 (mostly) functional on iOS again


After initially becoming unusable following the iOS 7 update back in 2013, reports are coming in from iOS device owners that 2012’s Sonic 4: Episode 2 has become functional once again, following the new iOS 8.3 firmware update.

The game was pulled from Apple’s App Store several months after the discovery of the incompatibility problems, following a promise from SEGA of an update to restore functionality never materialised. The game remains off the store, meaning that only those who bought the game whist it was available will be able to play the game now.

Whilst the game now appears to function with the new iOS software, players are also reporting noticeable bugs during the game (and in the case of some devices like the iPhone 6, still not functioning at all), meaning the app is still not running at optimum performance. The most noticeable of these bugs is that skipping cutscenes causes the game to freeze and crash.

We’ll keep our eyes out for any more reports, and will update with any further details as we get them.


Many thanks to Zlynx on SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. Its not working on android (galaxy S5) since the Jelly Bean update, neither is Episode 1.

    Seems to be a pretty shoddily put together OS for this game, and with the all negative reviews it had, it begs the question will they even bother rolling out a patch for it

    1. Well considering that the Sonic 4 games stopped working for me when I updated to lollipop, and there still isn’t a patch for that either. I honestly think they don’t care. For Sonic 4 to not work with ART it had to be not developed with standard libraries, so there you go.

  2. Sure… They give us an old game for 2013 that most people have forgotten about, instead of giving the rest of the world Sonic Runners…

    1. Sega didn’t actually do anything in this instance. It just so happened that the latest version of the operating system it was running on seems to make it work again.

  3. Just finished 100%ing Episode II on my iPad Mini 2.

    Felt good to play it on tablet again.

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