New Job Ad Suggests Future Sonic Boom TV Seasons Planned


A new SEGA job advertisement for a ‘Director of TV Series Production and Distribution’ has appeared over at LinkedIn displaying a keen interest to continue work on the Sonic Boom TV series. Season one is already airing in parts of the world and this fresh job advertisement strongly suggests SEGA is planning season two. The ad also states that upon evaluation the company would maybe be willing to work on further seasons and what they describe as ‘other opportunities’.

This person will act as project manager and coordinate/communicate with all parties ensuring the animation production and distribution is kept on track and the various parties are kept up to date with new developments as the TV series is in production.

Help CCO of Sonic to evaluate business models for new opportunities/subsequent seasons of Sonic Boom with recommending continuity plan of Sonic Boom.

Despite planning further seasons, SEGA is still yet to give word on when fans outside of the US and France can expect season one to air in their countries.

Would you like to see more seasons of Sonic Boom? Let us know in the comments.

Source: LinkedIn

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  1. I’d be willing for another season if they added more characters from the games, like Silver and Blaze.

    1. I would also like to see a second season with more characters in their Boom-forms (for lack of a better term).

  2. well the show is still going well i have to say that this is brilliant the show got alot of ratings sense november after the show begins yeah this is a awsome show that i watch so far 😀 yeah and also i have to say that SEGA will not be appearing at E-3 this year because i can tell that they won’t show up at E-3 because they have not got alot of work done with there titles well guys looks like Sonic Runners might be the only Title this year guys because i can tell by it that this is the only title that we got this year.

    we know that Sonic boom game fail all because big red button was the one who made it not sega yeah i see alot of things between them and sega because next year they will have plans for the 25th Anniversary for the Sonic the hedgehog Series as in Sonic the hedgehog himeself but i hope its gonna be on every console instead of one so that why nintendo sony and microsoft fans will enjoy a new sonic titles and they will love it with more experience of the platforming game its kinda like sonic unleashed and sonic generations but still i know some new sonic titles will be shown in may but lets see what happens next.

    and one more thing i hope the new title for next year goes well for SEGA because people saying that sonic 06 is a bad game i mean its all over youtube and twitter and a few other sites because the game is not bad i don’t know why people are complaining about other sonic titles like these anyway lets hope that SEGA put the new title next year on every console so that way fans will enjoy such adventure sonic games i hope they won’t pull back on other titles from other past sonic titles. :/ lets hope this anniversary for next year sells well because sonic boom game is a huge failure.

        1. Because no punctuation makes it incredibly difficult to read. There’s no breaks meaning people will automatically read it too quickly and fail to actually absorb any of it.

  3. If there’s going to be another season then that means there might be another game. If they fix the problem from the RoL and have it be more like a Sonic game with focus on speed and platforming and action then a new Sonic Boom game could be pretty good. I enjoy the show and would like to see it continue on.

    1. With the amount of people that ask you about it, I’m sure you would, if only to settle the crowd down.

      1. There already kinda have been, with Tails crashing his plane and a near-doomsday. I would, however, love to see Metal Sonic and Shadow enter the show (but please, for the love of god, stop making Shadow such a nonsensical jerk!)

  4. to be honest i am not into it mainly because i dont want more sonic boom inspired games so my vote is no .
    if the show continues and the games move along in their own way then yes, no more boom games please those character designs are horrible so stay on TV please .

  5. Why have the recent episodes been more and more like a preschool show? I don’t see Sonic and Eggman being trapped in a “Buddy Buddy Temple.”

  6. I know I would. I love the show, I must say. It’s been hinted that in the future, we will see bigger things (possibly even Shadow), and if we had another season (possibly with a higher budget, now that the show is a success), I’m sure things would go lovely for the series. Sonic Boom’s biggest focus is its TV series, not the games, so I feel it should be as big as it can get.

  7. Kinda hard for the Boom initiative to continue with only the cartoon.. Plus it acts as a reminder of what happened 🙁

  8. Yes , continue but try putting more characters like Blaze and Silver , Shadow and the rest of the gang . Don’t forget much more speed and Adventure ! owo

  9. Im still indifferent about the show.

    Albeit my nostalgia glasses are on, but I just cant get into the way the characters act. Its too silly for me.

  10. By continuity do they mean actual continuity, like an actual overarching plot, or just simply the continuation of the show itself? Because if creating an overarching plot means that they’ll actually try to put more thought into everything, then I’d be up for that.

  11. …Well, I get what I want if it happens, I like the show. And..I don’t want continuity so much as I want canon. I want what happens to have happened. A few multiple episode arcs. But…Sonic doesn’t have continuity anywhere, look where the comics are, they reset. I know why, but, it reset nonetheless. The continuity was a huge mess, and it needed that.

  12. i would only be interested if they made a decent story out of it and backdrop for the characters, sofar it just seems to be silly nonsense, which is fine if you are into that, i’m just not. so my vote would be no. also i kinda want to forget sonic boom ever happened xD;

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