Freedom Planet is Coming Soon to Wii U



Galaxy Trail games founder Stephen DiDuro Recently posted this image on Twitter. Freedom Planet, the high speed, action platformer will be making it’s way to the Wii U E-Shop in the near future. So why bring this up on a Sonic fansite? In case you didn’t know, Freedom Planet originally started it’s life as a Sonic fan game and was featured at SAGE several times. Price and date have yet to be announced.


  1. I’ve always hoped that, one day, this game woul be released on consoles. Hello, second buy!

    I already have the game on Steam but I’m re-buying it on Wii U whenever it comes out because A) They’re awesome developers who deserve to be supported and what better way to support them than giving them more of my money and B) This is one of my favorite 2D platformers…No…One of my favorite games of all time, why wouldn’t I buy it again (especially knowning all the people who bought a bajillion versions of the classic Sonic games)?

  2. Wow, that’s pretty sweet! It’s great to see the evolution and integration of fanculture into the marketed world. It kind of gives me hope that our voice might become a more powerful influence in the world of gaming in the future than it is today.

    1. If they begin to threaten the big time companies with how successful they end up being, will conflict erupt?

      1. Only the same way YouTube threatens filmmakers and Fiverr threatens graphic designers and voice actors apparently.

        As in it’ll only create a conflict of people being paranoid and discriminatory. Meanwhile others will praise them for their success on their own and eventually want them on their team~

  3. Finally checked it out after hearing all the fuss about it recently… I’m surprised, It’s a pretty damn good game! It feels like a megaman game but with its notable roots from when it was still a sonic fan game.

    Maybe it’s just me, but the overall concept of this project was what I honestly expected Shattered Crystal to be like.

    It has speed, real speed, not automated. But it doesn’t focus on it almost entirely like the main series.
    Lots of plaforming and exploration.
    A small but effective moveset beyond what was shown in the standard 2D/2.5D game.
    Different style worlds from your average game but with similar level layouts.

    ….but yeah, I hope it does well on the eshop!

    1. Is it sad that it took me a moment to remember wtf Shattered Crystal was? And you were talking about a Sonic game even!!! XDD

  4. Should have come to ps4 and xbone. would have got more sales I think :o. Least I have it on steam <w< good thing I have my pc hooked to the tv.

  5. Ah I love this game! I’m happy to see it coming to another platform besides Steam. I don’t have a WiiU so I probably won’t buy it again, but for those of you that do have one and haven’t played this game yet, DO IT. It’s seriously a fantastic game.

  6. Oh my god I am so glad that FreeDom Planet is going to Wii U for a remake in the near future soon by Sonic United FanBase!

  7. Oh think god FreeDom Planet is going to be a remake for Wii U remake Sonic Fan game idea by Sonic United FanBase!!

  8. I was gifted this sucker on Steam, so to see it hit consoles is so awesome, especially to the Nintendo e-shop as that is just one step closer to maybe, hopefully, going portable on the 3DS *crosses fingers*

    1. you know that is weird. Usually when a popular indie game hits the e-shop, it winds up on 3DS first before getting the HD Wii-U Treatment. You think a game running on a Sonic engine wouldn’t be so hard to port to the 3DS. As much as I wanna play this on Wii-U, I’d would love to have this portable so I can enjoy it at an easy pace.

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