Boom Commentaries: Episode 16 Special Guest: The Great Clement

In today’s wonderful show, Kevin Donnie and Jono are joined by The Great Clement. They get indepth with today’s episode of Boom, plus answer your questions and chat about the usual randomness. Plus, Jay adds his own unique editors notes throughout this 2 hour sausagefest podcast edition.

Episode 16: YouTube Edition

Episode 16: Uncut Extended Podcast Edition


Also available on itunes!



  1. To be fair to the Sonic Boom creators they need a lot of alcohol since just to dealing with the Sonic fanbase.

  2. Clement! Eeeeee! I haven’t listened to the entire podcast yet, but I’d love to know his thoughts on the show as a whole so far.

  3. I’m surprised TW Barker wasn’t apart of the Lightning Bolts. He’s technically a villain. Imagine what panic him, Dave, & Eggman would cause…scratch that, Dave and Eggman would be too busy trying to kill each other.

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