Zone Runners Album “Triple TroubleMakers” available now

The guys who brought us their debut self titled album, Zone Runners back in October of last year are back with more tunes to spindash.

The Zone Runners, a collaboration between OCRemix Alumni DiGi Valentine, Halc and Sir J, have released their second record. It features a collaboration with J-ME.exe, another community artist.

This 9 song album continues the story of the titular runners and has remixes of many classic Sonic songs including Emerald Hill, Casino Night and Oil Ocean. It’s also available as a bundle with their previous album and single on Spread the good word of good music!

Note: Some of this music is slightly NSFW due to energetic language.
Art by KetrinDarkDragon

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  1. I highly recommend this, guys. It’s a really good album! The remixes are tight and the characters are great.

  2. At first I thought it was a game and was disappointed,thankfully the nice music made up for it.These guys are good and their Sonic O.Cs aren’t that bad either.Great work by both these guys and the O.C artist KetrinDarkDragon.

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