UPDATE: Tomy Making Sonic Boom Collectable Figures?

UPDATE: We’ve been emailed the following image which appears to show the figures pictured here.


Not really any new details other than those speculated in the article are confirmed.

If anyone knows of the origin of this, such as if this was found on a website or in some kind of trade magazine, please get in touch.

ORIGINAL STORY: A few weeks ago we brought you news regarding Tomy’s line of Sonic Boom toys which were on display at the London Toy Fair.


However a new photo has emerged which shows an unannounced toy line from Tomy. It seems that they intend to release small collectable figures based on Sonic Boom. Tomy have in the past released small blind Gacha toys based on Sonic, this photo suggests that they also plan to do the same with Sonic Boom.

The photo originates from a company called Heckford who are responsible for the construction of Tomy’s booth at the London Toy Fair. No further details as to price or release dates are available at this time.

However with New York Toy Fair being next week, we might get some more Sonic toy news in the next two weeks or so.

Source: Heckford