Sumo Digital Planning Something All-Stars Racing Related

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the original Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing, to celebrate this, Sumo Digital posted some really interesting messages a short while ago.




Well that’s certainly caught my interest. No idea what they have in store at the moment, though personally I would love to see a sequel to the awesome All Stars Racing Transformed.

Keep checking TSS for more info as we get it.


  1. i would love a direct sequel “All-stars transformed 2″ as much as everyone else 🙂
    perhaps all platform DLC or an update that gives you a free character maybe?

  2. Another racing game for the Wii U to hold us until Sonic’s 25th anniversary?

    I’ll take it. It’s better than Sonic Boom or nothing (while other new Sonic games are smartphone exclusive).

  3. Oooh! Ooh! If this is a new All-Stars Racing game, color me hyped! I think many come to an agreement that the games have been quite nice so far. All I hope is to see my buddy in blue, Metal Sonic, again.

  4. sonic & Sega all stars racing surprised me as an amazing racing game, but then Sonic all-stars racing transformed was 100 times better and blew me away, with its amazing 4 player co-op, I had great fun with both my brothers beating the game.

    In fact dare I say it, Sonic transformed was better then Mario Kart, Sonic Transformed had way more to do and variety.

    In short if their doing a sequel then wahoo! or if their releasing a huge DLC with new racers we actually want then wahoo!

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