Release Date, Gameplay Details for Runners Revealed via Famitsu

Release Date, Gameplay Details for Runners Revealed via Famitsu

Untitled-5In an interview with Sonic Team big boss Takashi Iizuka, Famitsu have revealed more details about the upcoming mobile only title and its possible release date.

You can catch the interview here, however unless you’re fluent in Japanese you won’t be able to get much out of it outside of a Google Translate. Though the current translation is very rough, there are some details which can be made out about the game.

  • Stages are designed to be one or two minutes long.
  • The game is a 2D action side-scroller.
  • Controls are designed to be operable with one hand.
  • It seems you will move forward automatically, and will tap the screen to jump.
  • Dr. Eggman will appear in the game as a boss.
  • There is talks of colour powers, and having a companion in the game. Wisps to return?
  • There will be new music for the game.
  • Familiar elements like rings and loop-de-loops return.

When Famitsu conducted this interview, they also managed to get their hands on the game. Though they say this was back on just January 20th and can’t actually reveal any gameplay footage, they say the game “was quite finished”. Even more surprising, Famitsu also state the game will release this month in Japan.

We will update this article when more details and/or better translations are provided.