First direct-feed look at Sonic Runners

A user at NeoGAF named HUELEN10 (thanks!) uploaded a 4 minute video showing a first look at a level and mid-level fights with Eggman being played on an iPad Mini 3.

How you find the game to look so far?


  1. looks quite fun and fast paced ~
    cant wait to get it.

    Sonic’s tripping animation is cute too.

  2. I commented on the trailer that it looks incredibly fun. I downloaded the apk and played it… And I was right. It’s incredibly fun! =D

  3. The music is actually better than I expected, Sounds very adventurey mixed with modern sonic to me

  4. I don’t really see the fun in this. :/ It feels rather half-assed based upon what I know from programming Android games and the music in that video isn’t what I would call memorable. At least the pacing and speed is clearly there, so I guess it has one Sonic staple under its belt.

    Oh well, not for me then I guess.

  5. This is so good to play but there is one problems every time it play sonic related title like sonic jump, sonic dash and sonic jump fever (excluding sonic 1, 2 & cd) it end up crashing the game and go back to the main menu well only happened on the iOS Version (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch) 😛

  6. I’m really liking how the game seems so far! I also love the attitude the music seems to be going for… as well as the bright visual design.

    Is it me, or did I hear Wave Ocean – The Inlet play when Sonic died?

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