The Leap Frog Sonic Design Document, Happy Christmas!

The Leap Frog Sonic Design Document, Happy Christmas!

sonicthehedgehogleapsterDo you know what a game design document is? In terms of gaming, it’s basically a document which details almost every part of a game, from it’s background, to it’s story, to it’s features as well as some technical bits and pieces. Depending on the detail, it can be very in-depth and technical, containing information such as flow charts which act as a visual guide to how the game will run.

Well… We have something very unique to share with you. The design document for one of the most obscure and strangest Sonic games ever, the Leap Frog Leapster Sonic game.

This game was released on a children’s educational computer called the Leapster. Since it’s first incarnation there have been a number of re-releases, however there have been two Sonic games released on the system, one Sonic X themed, the other a more general Sonic game.

The general Sonic game is the one in question that I’m talking about today. A former developer of the game, Mr Glenn Storm recently uploaded the entire design document for the game freely accessible to the public. Reading through it is really interesting if you are a fan or interested in how games are made.

For those of you who are not that into the development stuff, there are some other highlights which give an insight into the development of the game, including some very odd details.

For instance, when describing each stage, they get the names of each zone spectacularly wrong.

  • They call the Emerald Hill Zone, Jade Island Zone.
  • They call the Chemical Plant Zone, Brickopolis
  • They call the Carnival Night zone, Mecha Gadget Zone.
  • Sonic 2’s Death Egg Zone is called The ‘Space Egg Zone.’

If you want to read the full design document, check out the link below.




P.S. From all the staff here at TSS, have a very Merry Christmas everybody.