Sonic Runners Announced By Sonic Team, For Smartphones

Yep. You’re getting a Sonic Team made mobile game. So it was true after all, after our ace detectives Hogfather and Shadzter who dug up the web domain and test page over the last month respectively.

Well, strangeness aside… the obvious question of if this is Sonic 2015? Not a clue.

Naturally there’s the old sign that showed up just prior to Sonic Boom’s unveiling showing a 2015 game for Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One, but Sega said that was an error.

We just have this camera photo of the announcement without any media yet, no screens, vids, nada.

Apparently more info will be revealed next month.

Stay tuned for more as it comes.

Huge thanks to L-A at NeoGAF for the find, and the original source at Famitsu (in Japanese).

Edit @ 11:03PM EST: Apologies, Hogfather was the one to find the domain, Shadzter found the test page, and I forgot to mention the original article about the initial discovery of Sonic Runners.