Solicitations for Sonic the Hedgehog #271, Sonic Universe #74, Sonic Boom #6 and More

Solicitations for Sonic the Hedgehog #271, Sonic Universe #74, Sonic Boom #6 and More

I don’t know if there will be saints with this particular band of March.

To send off the last few days of 2014, it’s time to look at Atchie updates that have come throughout December. For today, we have solicitations for March/April courtesy of Arcade Sushi. First off, the Blue Blur and Rad Red are facing off for the final round in Sonic the Hedghehog #271, and the prize is a Chaos Emerald and the world’s safety. But with several baddies also around for a scrap, this probably isn’t going to be a fair in “Champions”: part 4;


Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Diana Skelly, Terry Austin, John Workman and Gabriel Cassata
Cover: Tracy Yardley, Terry Austin and Ben Hunzeker
Arcade Variant: RAFA KNIGHT
Grab a front row seat for the finale to the brawl-iest, punch-iest, contest-iest Sonic comic saga yet! “Champions” Part Four: It’s the battle you’ve all been waiting for (again!): Sonic versus Knuckles—for the title and the Chaos Emerald! The old rivalry blazes to life as the True Blue and Rad Red throw down for glory—and for the fate of the entire world! But with the vengeful Hooligans waiting in the shadows, and Metal Sonic en route, will they even get to finish their fight, or will their foes beat them to the punch? Featuring new cover art from Sonic art legend Tracy Yardley and a super-special new ARCADE VARIANT by the latest Sonic art superstar RAFA KNIGHT!
Ship Date: 3/25
On Sale Date: 4/8
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

Another Sonic story is reaching its final level in Sonic Universe #74. With Phage still at large and dangerous, Tails and Big still under assault from mooks, and Nicole’s artificial life on the line, the weight of the situation falls on Sally to save the day, but what cost will that bring? Find out in “Spark of Life”: part 4;


Script: Aleah Baker
Art: Tracy Yardley, Jim Amash, Jack Morelli and Matt Herms
Cover: Tracy Yardley, Jim Amash and Ben Hunzeker
TAILS Variant cover art provided by SEGA
The final showdown for the fate of the digital realm is HERE! “Spark of Life” Part Four: It’s pandemonium aplenty in this conclusion to the stunning “Spark of Life” story arc! Who, or what, is Phage? Introductions aren’t necessary—she’s creating havoc for our heroes anyway! Tails and Big—menaced by badniks and Dark Gaia Monsters alike! A Chaos Emerald—about to fall into enemy hands! Nicole—on the brink of deletion! Will Sally sacrifice it all to save her friends and the world? Only the dramatic conclusion to SPARK OF LIFE can tell! Featuring cover art from Sonic comic artist extraordinaire Tracy Yardley, and a special SEGA-art TAILS variant cover!
Ship Date: 3/4
On Sale Date: 3/18
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

Next in Sonic Boom #6, we go karting with Eggman as he sponsors a race around the island. The rules are simple and fair, but rules are made to be broken, especially when there’s probably an evil plot to break! Ponder if there really will be Sonic R references in the story in “Everybody’s Super Sonic Racing”: part 1;


Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Ryan Jampole, Jennifer Hernandez, Rick Bryant, Jack Morelli and Matt Herms
Cover: Tracy Yardley and Matt Herms
BOOM-CREW Variant cover art provided by Sega
What…What is that sound? No, really—what on earth is that noise? Waitaminute… is that the sound of go-karts??? IT… IT—IS! LET THE RACE BEGIN IN “EVERYBODY’S SUPER SONIC RACING” PART ONE! (IS THE CAPS LOCK STILL ON, OH WAITAMINUTE, there we go. Much better.) When Dr. Eggman sponsors a go-kart race around Sonic’s Island home, you know that dude is up to no good. The rules are as follows: no special powers, no weapons, and everyone has to drive a kart to keep things fair. Since when does Eggy care about “fair”? What will happen to throw this race into a SPIN? How many rhetorical questions can we ask in one paragraph of solicit text?? Find out in this hyperbole-packed issue! Featuring cover art from Sonic comic extraordinaire Tracy Yardley, plus a new BOOM-Crew Sega art variant!
On Sale Date: 4/1
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

In Sonic Super Special Magazine #14, the upcoming crossover Worlds Unite gets a prequel story to lead us into it. A strange energy signature crops up on Sonic’s World, and it seems like suspicious news for the heroes’ efforts to resolved the shattered world crisis, and could even have a big impact on Worlds Unite itself! Along with “The Genesis Portal”, there’s a slew of other features and stories, including a selection from the first crossover, Worlds Collide;


Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Lamar Wells, Rick Bryant, Jack Morelli and Matt Herms
Cover: Ben Bates
As Archie Action Comics races toward the WORLDS UNITE crossover event, prepare yourself with an all-new prequel tale: THE GENESIS PORTAL! When a strange energy signature appears on Sonic’s shattered world, what could it mean for our heroes and their fight to save the planet? And what ominous implications will this have for the WORLDS UNITE event? Featuring new story and art from the superstar Archie Sonic team! The SONIC SUPER SPECIAL MAGAZINE gives you the world of Sonic the Hedgehog comics as you’ve never seen it before, with tons of comic stories, special features and exclusive articles on the latest and greatest in the world of everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog-hero! This issue also features a special encore selection from the history-making “WORLDS COLLIDE” storyline, and much, much more! All this plus the extra features you love, an interview with Sonic newcomer Diana Skelly AND a super special shiny foil-enhanced cover featuring art by Sonic comic superstar Ben Bates!
On Sale Date: 3/11
128-page, full color comic
$9.99 U.S.

Finally, Sonic the Hedgehog graphic novel #3 covers Waves of Change. Dive back under the waters to see the complete tale of how Sonic, Amy and Rotor cleared the name of the local priestess and saved Meropis from the grasp of Dark Gaia’s influence;


Script: Ian Flynn, Aleah Baker
Art: Jennifer Hernandez, Tracy Yardley, Ryan Jampole, Evan Stanley, Terry Austin, John Workman, Matt Herms and Gabriel Cassata
Cover: Ben Bates
The new Sonic comic universe is here! Moving at the speed of sound, keeping the world free from robotic tyranny—it’s SONIC THE HEDGEHOG! One of the oldest, most beloved video game icons speeds into brand new comic book stories with new friends, new foes and new adventures! In this volume of this new graphic novel series, Sonic is on the hunt for the seven Gaia Temples. Only their mysterious power can restore his world to normal! His quest takes him to places he’s never been before—such as the bottom of the ocean! Join Sonic, Amy and Rotor as they encounter a whole new undersea world full of new friends, foes and monsters from the deep! SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 3: WAVES OF CHANGE collects SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #260-263.
6 5/8 x 10 3/16”
104 pp, Full Color
Direct Market On-Sale Date: 4/8

We will have more on all of these comics closer to their release. Stay tuned in the next couple of days for comic previews of December releases.

Source: Arcade Sushi