Sega is Going Into the Movie Business

Sega is Going Into the Movie Business


It’s not often that we cover non Sonic news… however I think this can make an exception since it’s such a significant move and with the Sonic movie in pre-production it might give us all an indication as to where Sega is going.

And if this report is anything to go by, it’s the movies!

According to Variety, Sega has hired Evan Cholfin to lead efforts into adapting Sega franchises into movies.

Of the vast library of titles that Stories has the rights to adapt, it’s moving forward with “Altered Beast,” “Streets of Rage,” “Shinobi,” “Rise of Nightmares” and “Crazy Taxi” first as English-language live action and animated spinoffs. “Virtua Fighter” and “Golden Axe” also are part of the portfolio of properties.

With both EA & Ubisoft making in house movies of their own franchises and a Tetris movie in production as well as Sony also making moves with it’s own franchises, this might not seem like such a wild move as you may think.

Personally I’m quite excited at the though of some of those titles getting movie adaptations, so long as they’re going to be careful and not just make a movie with the IP attached to it just for the sake of it. Though if Streets of Rage does happen, it needs to be set in the late 80′s and not just a rip off of ‘The Purge.’ Also I can finally stop pretending that this is a Streets of Rage movie.

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Source: Variety