Preview: Sonic Universe #71

There’s danger lurking in your gadgets for this Christmas time.


The initial spark has been lit for Sonic Universe #71 to kick off its new tale, and Comic Book Resources has a preview of it. When Nicole is suddenly summoned to the digital world, Tails, Sally and Big head to Isolated Island to get the low-down. Meeting with one Dr Ellidy, he appears to have quite a connection to Sally and Nicole’s lives. But they’re not there for tea and biscuits; there are monsters afoot, perhaps more than they anticipated, and one in particular seems to have its eyes on the AI Lynx. This is “Spark of Life”: part 1;

STORY BY: Ian Flynn, Aleah Baker
ART BY: Tracy Yardley, Jim Amash
COLORS BY: Matt Herms
LETTERS BY: Jack Morelli
COVER BY: Tracy Yardley, Ben Hunzeker, Rafa Knight
PUBLISHER: Archie Comics
RELEASE DATE: Wed, December 24th, 2014
ALL-NEW STORY ARC! “Spark of Life” Part One: Nicole detects a distress signal from the Digital World—but how can that be if nobody is supposed to know about the Digital World?! Sally, Tails and Big must travel to Isolated Island to answer the call for help! Who is Dr. Ellidy? And in what way does he link the lives of Sally and Nicole? Featuring a stunning new cover by Tracy Yardley and “Web Lynx” Variant cover art by rising Sonic star Rafa Knight!

Sonic Universe #71 came out on Christmas Eve. With the presents and the turkey out of the way, now would be a great time to pick it up if you were too busy preparing for the big day!

Source: Comic Book Resources