Too-Spooky Saturday: Sanic 06 for Oculus Rift

Too-Spooky Saturday: Sanic 06 for Oculus Rift

Edit: Sorry this is a day late folks! Was scheduled for Friday – for some reason, it didn’t go up. Sounds a little spooky to me…

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The stuff of nightmares comes in perfectly for this week’s Freak-Out Friday, which coincidentally falls on the same date this year’s Halloween… a little too spooky, perhaps?

Sanic, the popular internet created alternate for Sonic, is without a doubt one of the internet’s greatest creations. So it’s only fitting he would eventually see his own video game to help his world come to life? In the above video, watch as this virtual reality title amazes you with it’s incredible character models, stunning graphics and top notch voice acting. Other friends like Shadow, Knuckles, Silver and Amy make their own cameos too!

And of course, why keep all the fun for yourself, LPer? If you want to give Sanic 06 a go, you can download the demo here! Just try not to go too fast.

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