Tomy Reveals Boom Toy Release Details

Tomy Reveals Boom Toy Release Details

Over at Sega’s Sonic Boom event in NYC, Tomy took to the stage and revealed some new information regarding Sonic Booms Toy Line. The first bit of information was regarding a Sonic plush which comes with a plush chili dog, we first brought you news of this about a week ago, but here it is again.



However, in addition SSMB member El Driver who is at the Sonic Boom event made this post on the Sonic Stadium Forums a short while ago.

So 11 products are going to come out for the fall (and apparently stuff like the biplane rc toy and chili dog Sonic to come out in Spring 2015)

A second line was confirmed for fall 2015.

What are these products? Well we might have a very good idea. A Sonic & Tails plush, and a toy launcher have already been spotted, however, yesterday the following image was taken from a Toys R Us in Florida.

tomyboomtoysYou can see a Knuckles and an Eggman picture. Not pictured is a Sonic action figure. That’s 6 of the 11. There are more images of toys on ToyWiz, so odds are the other 5 will be one of those.

More interestingly is that there is a second toyline planned for the end of 2015… dare I suggest they’re planning a 2nd season of the show already.

Thanks to El Driver for the tip.